“DXCoffee” editors are, above all, ham operators. So, our undertaking is also aimed to create interesting opportunities to get on the air, usually corresponding to meaningful events relating to our website such as anniversaries, editorial team meetings and the like. And of course, there’s always that rare DX with prefixes seldom seen. Furthermore, DXCoffee has sponsored DXpeditions. The pictures in the galleries below were taken during those unique radio moments.

March 2012 – DxCoffee Party at Hamvention in Cosenza

Cosenza, DxCoffee Party 2012

March 2012 – Contest University Montichiari

DxCoffee was present at the Contest University 2012 in Montichiari.

February 2012 – Pompei

Part of the new A.R.I. national Board with members of DxCoffee’s staff.

September 2011 -TM0INT, Tombelaine Island EU-156


Our friend Simon IZ7ATN with the DxCoffee’s flag during the adventurous activation of Tombelaine Island, a rare french IOTA reference near Mont Saint Michel.

August 2011 – IR0LH, Monte Orlando Lighthouse


Our friends Giorgio IZ0HQI and Carlo IZ0EGC during the activation of the Monte Orlando Lighthouse with the special call IR0LH.

August 2011 – TY1KS Benin, Dxpedition by DxCoffee


From left: Salvador C31CT, Giorgio IZ4AKS, Les SP3DOI, Franco IZ8GCE, Fabrizio IW3SQY, Antonello IT9YVO. The team of DxCoffee’s friends and collaborators gave us a good DXpedition in Grand Popo, Benin. The Dxpedition closed with circa 29.000 QSOs.

Hamradio Jun. 2011, Friedrichshafen

Friedrichshafen Hamradio 2011

The annual meeting in Friedrichshafen to meet the world-wide friends of DxCoffee



DxCoffee was present in Montichiari at the annual Italian editon of the Contest University.The picture shows some editors of our magazine with Nerio Neri, I4NE author of the most famouse italian book to pass the exam for radio amateurs. Thousand of operators study on his manuals.

POMPEI, Feb. 2011

Fiera di Pompei, 2011

DxCoffee joined in Pompei (Naples) for the most important hamvention & trade show of Southern Italy with its boot.

T70DXC, Feb. 2011

For its first bithday, DxCoffee organized a full-weekend of radio and fun in the Republic of San Marino, activating a special call-sign T70DXC with more than 30 operators from 15 different Countries.

VP8ORK, Jan-Feb 2011

South Orkney Isl. Dxpedition – Nodir Tursoon-Zadeh, EY8MM with Don Greenbaum, N1DG with the DxCoffee’s flag.

HV5PUL, Nov. 2010

For the first meeting of the editors of DxCoffee, the team operated from HV5PUL, the radio station of the Pontifical Lateran University

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