DXCoffee can follow you everywhere, thanks to the application allowing to check our website on your iPhone. IDXCoffee is approved by Apple, and has been developed by Franz, IZ7AUH.
You can download it for free following this URL:

We ask all our readers to install and test the app. Not only we’ll be glad to have you reading our site on your mobile device, but we’d like to hear advices and suggestions.

Here’s a brief guide on how it works. This is the app icon:

  • It will lead you to the main screen:

From here, you’ll be able to access the different areas of DXCoffee. Here are a couple screenshots, provided as examples:

We hope this tool will help you to avoid missing news on DXCoffee when you’ve no personal computer available. We also would like to take the opportunity to thank Franz, IZ7AUH, for his precious work.

The official support site for this app is: http://idxcoffee.iz7auh.net/

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