DxCoffee and the DXUniversity award VK0EK for “Best Communication” in 2016

In our annual acknowledgment to Dxpeditions providing the “best communication”, the 2016 award could not go to anyone else but VK0EK, the well known Dxpedition to Heard island. (If you are wondering about this annual award, please [...]

This weekend: DMC RTTY Contest

Scheduled this weekend is the DMC RTTY contest, run by the Digital Modes Club. Contest period: Saturday, 12 UTC – Sunday, 12 UTC. Bands: 80 – 10 meters. Multipliers: Worked prefixes, each one count only once in the contest [...]

This Weekend: IARU HF Championship

The IARU HF Championship will take place on the second July weekend in CW and phone. The bands are 160 to 10 meters and the contest is set to run from Saturday 1200 UTC – Sunday 1200 UTC. The contesters’ goal is to [...]

This weekend: RAC contest and Venezuelan Indipendence contest

The Canadian RAC contest takes place every year on July 1st. Contacts with stations in Canada or VEØs are worth 10 points. Contacts with stations outside Canada are worth 2 points. Contacts with RAC official stations are worth 20 points. [...]

This Weekend: All Asian CW Contest

The All Asian CW Contest will be taking place this weekend and will be run by JARL, the Japanese Radio League. The bands are 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters. For non-Asian entrants there is no HI-LO power category distinction, but it [...]

This weekend: Portugal Day Contest and GACW WWSA CW DX Contest

The Portuguese Day contest will be taking place this weekend, starting on Saturday, 1200 Z and ending on Sunday 1200 Z. The bands are 80, 40, 20, 15 , 10 meters and the modes are SSB and CW. The rules are simple: there is only the single operator [...]

This weekend: Seanet contest

During the first weekend of June, we’ll find the Seanet contest on the air, taking place between Saturday 12:00 UTC and Sunday 12:00 UTC on CW and phone (by the way, Seanet stands for South East Asia Amateur Radio Network). This year, [...]

This weekend: CQ WPX CW

For the last weekend of May, a big event: the CW portion of the CQ WW WPX contest! The rules are similar to the SSB WPX Contest, which took place last March. Again we stress that the focus is on working as many prefixes as possible. On CQ magazine [...]

This Weekend: King of Spain CW Contest

On this weekend you’ll have the opportunity to compete in the King of Spain CW Contest starting Saturday at 1200 UTC and ending Sunday at 1200 UTC. The bands range from 160 to 10 meters and the categories are: single operator [...]

This weekend: CQ-M International DX Contest

The Russian association Soyuz Radiolyubiteley Rossii manages the CQ-M International DX Contest, running from Saturday,1200 UTC to Sunday 1159. 1.8, 3.5, 7.0, 14, 21, 28 MHz may be used in CW and SSB. Rules are found at  www.cq-m.ru/en/rules.html. Also [...]

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