Upcoming QRP, by DE3BWR and DD0VR from the Caribbean and Hawaii [Photo Update]

29 April 2017 Heli DD0VR informs DxCoffee readers: “Hi to All! Now we are in Kauai, in Kapaa, Castle Mokihana. Here all is well and I build after breakfast the antenna in first floor on balcony. In sun down I’ll go to the qrg’s [...]

This Weekend: Helvetia Contest

This week you can partecipate in the Helvetia Contest, where you should work as many Swiss Cantons as you can. Here is an outline of the rules: Modes: CW, SSB, Digital. Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m, Time: Saturday 1300 Z – Sunday 1300 [...]

This weekend: UK/EI DX contest

This weekend, it is planned the second edition of the UK/EI DX contest, cw portion. Find the rules at http://www.ukeicc.com/which-contest/uk-ei-dx-contest-rules. For RTTY, here is the SP DX RTTY contest. See https://pkrvg.org/strona,spdxrttyen.html.  

This Weekend: Holyland DX Contest, Worked All Provinces of China Contest and CQMM DX Contest

The Holyland Contest begins Friday at 21:00 UTC and finishes Saturday at 2100 UTC. Categories: 1a. Single operator -MIX (all bands). 1b. Single operator – SSB only (all bands). 1c. Single operator – CW only (all bands). 1d. Single [...]

This weekend: OK-OM DX SSB CONTEST

The SSB portion of the OK OM contest, involving the Czech Republic and Slovakia, will be taking place on the second April weekend. The time is 1200 UTC, Saturday through 1200 UTC Sunday. The bands are 160 – 10 meters. Points are credited [...]

This weekend: SP DX Contest

It’s time for the Polish Contest, where you have to work the various Polish provinces (the so-called “voivodeships“). In Poland, in addition to SP, the prefixes are: 3Z, HF, SN, SO, SQ and SR. Organization: PZK [...]

This Weekend: CQ WPX SSB

This is the time for a classic contest that usually fills up the bands with many strong signals just like the CQ WW. We are talking about the CQ WPX SSB! The hunt is for prefixes and any prefix worked is a multiplier. On CQ Magazine’s [...]

This weekend: South America 10 meter contest and EA PSK63 contest

The second edition of the South America 10 meter contest will be taking place this weekend. It is possible to work any country, but contacts with SA stations are credited 4 points, whereas all other contacts are credited 2 points except [...]

This weekend: ARRL DX SSB Contest

The first full March weekend makes it time for the ARRL DX SSB contest! Are you missing any US State for your WAS award? Turn on your rig this weekend and you’ll have a good chance at working even the rarest states. This contest is set [...]

This weekend: UBA DX contest CW, REF SSB and CQ 160 SSB

The UBA DX CW is a contest where you can work anybody but the hunting is on Belgian stations. Date and time:  Saturday, 13.00 UTC – Sunday, 13.00 UTC. Band: 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters.         Points: 10 points [...]

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