July 2018: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

For July, very low solar activity is expected. In the second half of the month there will be some weak Solar Flares, but the conditions will always be rather poor.

June 2018: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

Solar activity resumed at the end of May, after no sunspots were detected for seven consecutive days. In any case June will be a month of poor propagation and characterized by Es that may negatively affect the already precarious general conditions.

May 2018: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

It is expected that the solar activity of May will remain at very low levels. The Solar Cycle is slowly approaching its minimum. The propagation will therefore be rather limited on the high bands while still enjoying good conditions on [...]

April 2018: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

Sunspots are practically zero. Solar activity is reduced to minimum and HF propagation is rather poor on the higher bands. On the other hand, the lower bandes continue to give DX satisfaction. April will still be a month of good propagation [...]

March 2018: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

The average daily sunspots number has dropped in the last month, but the solar flux is expected to increase in the current month. So the March propagation will be better than the last few months. The equinox will be on March 20th, so there will [...]

February 2018: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

The sunspots number is almost close to zero, so the propagation will be rather poor on the high bands, with short apertures during daytime. Conditions will be better on the lower bands with darkness.

January 2018: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

Solar activity remained at very low levels throughout December 2017. No CME events direct to Earth were observed. Under the point of view of propagation, January 2018 will be a generally quiet period with the ever-decreasing Solar Cycle. The [...]

December 2017: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

Solar activity is expected to be at very low levels during December, so HF propagation conditions will be poor on upper bands, while on lower bands we’ll see good DX condtions. December is the month of winter solstice, so more darkness [...]

November 2017: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

Solar activity in October was at very low levels and no CME directed towards the Earth was observed. There are therefore no special events scheduled for November. HF propagation will generally be better on lower bands due to the increase in [...]

September 2017: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

Solar activity in September will be at very low levels, so propagation will not be excellent, especially on the highest bands. The progressive rise of the dark hours will favor the lower bands. From mid-month onwards there will be the effects [...]

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