Robert Lee Folgedalen II, K7IOC is a 65 year old retiree living on Camano Island, Wash., USA since 2009, the year he retired. He spends at least six months of the year on cruises, on board various ships of the “Holland America Line.” [...]

OK1MAJ/mm at Minerva Reef

OK1MAJ, Ondrą Kotabem aboard his sailboat “s/y MAUI” is currently anchored at the Minerva Reef Atoll (1M) in the Pacific Ocean just south of Fiji and Tonga. Ondrą is now active on the radio. You can hear him daily on the monitor [...]

UT6UF/mm & UT6UE/mm

Yuri Cooper (UT6UF) and Andrei V. Zubenko (UT6UE) are part of the crew of the sailboat s/y KUPAVA consisting of four members; Yuri (UT6UF) is the Skipper and Andrei (UT6UE) is one of the crew. They left on 11 November, 2009 by [...]

VA7DIN/mm – around the world on a sailboat!

Dinis G.G. Matias, VA7DIN with his wife Veronica, set sail last July 20, 2010 from Richmond (Canada), for a voyage around the world aboard his sailboat “s/y VIDA NOVA,” a Niagara 35, about 11 meters long, designed [...]


RNØCF, George V. Sobolevsky is a technician on board the ship Fortune, a barge engaged in the laying of gas pipeline, working out of Sakhalin Island in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk (Loc: QO11WK). The crew is working on a pipeline installationrunning [...]


Oleg Yakimenko, UR4QI is the Commander of the riverboat “Olympic”, based in the port of Kiev, where he  cruises along the banks of the Dnepr River.

IS0EZZ/mm soloing on board of “Ulyxes”

Gian Biagio Mulas, IS0EZZ departed  October 2, 2011 at 11:00 am abord his sailboat “Ulyses” on a solo voyage that will take him to Argentina before Christmas.


Harm Brink (PE1IGM) and his wife Lizzy are on board their 60 foot sailing boat, a schooner named “Horta,” built in 1992 in Holland.


Eddy Teirbrood (5N7ET) is a Belgian sailor aboard the “Ship Janes Ensor”, a dredger flying the Belgian flag. Currently the ship is in dredging operations in the mouth of the Rio Paranà, the last position of the [...]

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