F/IZ2RLJ, F/IK1RGI – Another Ham Radio High: Operating from Mt Blanc at 15,771 Feet

A “field-day” that, rather than on the ground, will be taking place on ice. The daunting idea caught Elio (IZ2RLJ) and Max (IK1RGI), who have planned for Saturday, March 31st (or 14th April, in case of bad weather or decided otherwise by [...]

“Last Man Standing” – A Ham Radio First on US Prime-Time Television

“Magic moment” is a descriptive which comes to mind, when one contemplates ham radio popularity in the United States. License numbers have never been so high, and now our hobby has been featured in a Hollywood blockbuster: “Super 8,” [...]

A project for the furthering of DXpeditioning from the land of “DX hunters”

Imagine a city of two million four hundred thousand inhabitants in which reside twenty individuals on the DXCC “Honor Roll.” One for every one hundred twenty thousand inhabitants. Having done two calculations respective of the numbers [...]
MM0NDX of Dx-World.net

DX-World.net from A to Z

Visitors to our webpages, friends on Facebook and our followers on Twitter get a “consolidated” reality from the plethora of information from DxCoffee about DX. We are aware of the fact that we are certainly not the first to explore [...]
Yasme Foundation

Yasme: Honoring Ham Radio Excellence

Every big project starts as a simple idea. That of Danny Weil took form by way of a boat which he’s been sailing around the world – a lot of the time in the Pacific Ocean. One day, thanks to a friend, a radio ended up on board – [...]

Louis McFadin W5DID: Space, My Pursuit for Nearly Thirty Years

In writing about radio experimentation from space, the most difficult task is that of acquiring information firsthand. Everything on the internet is just in bits and pieces or in the form of a .pdf to be used in an educational setting. Individual [...]

Ham radio celebrities, a long list

On the 16th of August, Italian amateur radio operators commemorate the life of Francesco Cossiga, I0FCG, who passed away about a year ago. The deceased former President of the Republic of Italy was one of many people from institutions or from [...]

Radio in space: in the Beginning there was SAREX

With space shuttle Atlantis’ return to earth this past July 21st, an era of space exploration has come to an end.

WAIP – conquering the provinces of Italy

As to the variety of Italian diplomas and awards, there is one which is decidedly worth consideration, especially owing to the perseverance necessary of any avid DXer intent on achieving it, particularly from another continent. We’re talking [...]

PB2T, IARU Region 1 President: “Is HF dying? That’s not the case for the Amateur Radio Service”

It’s not every day you can put your own questions to the President of IARU Region 1. DXCoffee has had this opportunity and has sought to take advantage in doing so, of asking Blondeel Timmerman, PB2T, questions which play an important [...]

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