DxCoffee Ham Radio Tee

The DxCoffee T-Shirt is available now on Amazon USA

The same T-Shirt worn by famous Dxers and Dxpeditioners is available starting from today on the Amazon store (for the moment only for North America).            

Low DxCoffee activity is expected for the upcoming weeks

Dxcoffee, in these days will be a little ‘less active than usual. Pasquale, IZ8IYX he was hit by a car on his way to work. Pasquale, doesn’t risk his life but he will have to undergo two surgeries. If yo want to write him via email, [...]

P5, D.P.R.K. Project [Update]

08 November 2015 Madrid, Spain. The diplomatic work by Tony EA5RM is going on intensively. Here is an exclusive photo for Dxcoffee readers showing Tony with Kim Hyok Chol , Ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea together [...]

T71DX: ARRSM is back to contesting

After a quite long time of inactivity a brand new call-sign will be on air from the Republic of San Marino during the major contests of the year. ARRSM Members will operate as T71DX starting from the next WPX SSB contest, scheduled on March [...]
A series of increases in postal rates will affect Italian radio amateurs in a short time.

Italy: QSL cards will become more expensive

It will become more expensive to send a QSL card from Italy. From today on, till entire 2016, the QSL traffic will become more costly for the Italian QSL Managers. A series of increases in postal rates will affect Italian radio amateurs in a [...]

T71CE: tonight on air

This evening, celebrating the 25° anniversary of the join of San Marino in the Council of Europe, ARRSM will operate a Special Event Station with the call-sing: T71CE.
Fundraising for a dxpedition

A Few Ideas for DXpedition Funding

It’s happens quite often that organizers of mid-size DXpeditions underestimate the cost of their activities. If you are not a multi-billionaire businessman you have to carefully evaluate in advance your strategies, otherwise it may become [...]

CDXC: The UK DX Foundation appoints its 2013/14 Committee

Once again, CDXC held its AGM at Neville, G3NUG’s QTH and once again it was in brilliant sunshine. CDXC has had another record year with membership now standing at 830, an increase of 70 in the past year.

SV8/SV1CEI from IOTA EU-067

Nick SV1CEI will be QRV from EU-067 Kea island, GIOTA SAS-036 from 6 July and for about 2 weeks. The exact locator will be KM27EN. He Hhopes to be back to island again in August. His operation will be holiday style mostly on CW. He will try [...]
Conero, IIA

Italian Island Award: activity from Conero’s rocks

Four “fanatics” of the Italian Island Award: Simon Gadaleta, IZ7ATN; Francesco Cozzi, IZ7KHR; Giorgio Minguzzi, IZ4AKS and Michele, IW7EGQ; will be active from saturday 22 to sunday 23 June 2013 from several rocks valid for this [...]

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