1A0C in QRT

The team informs us that at 10:23 UTC was logged the last QSO on 15m CW. The DXpedition from the SMOM goes so QRT. The goal of 60,000 QSO was reached, a great result. During the night the first of three stations had been dismantled and they [...]

Italian postal rates change

From December 1, 2014 the Italian postal rates change. We are used to such increases, but certainly the situation is becoming more critical for those who usually exchanges QSL via direct. Let’s see the new rates, considering an envelope [...]

Mission Futura: Samantha IZ0UDF, first italian astronaut

Here we are! Tonight, at 21:01 UTC the powerful rockets of the Soyuz TMA15-M will turn on in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. So the mission ISS number 42, called “Futura”, will start. On board there will be a crew of three astronauts including [...]

Bouvet Island: hopes for 2016!

From what is reported by DxWorld in these days the Norwegian Polar Institute has given the opportunity to an amateur radio operator to be able to be part of the Norwegian Antarctic mission to Bouvet Island in 2016 for a period of three months, [...]

Resume meetings between two Koreas

Talks between high level delegations of the two Koreas were resumed on the 4th of October, during the closing of the “Asian Games” in Seoul (South Korea). News sources report that it was a short preparatory meeting for the next [...]

PJ7PK – New IOTA NA-247

Finally PJ7PK is on the air from the new IOTA reference  NA-247. The three bold and brave operators who have managed to overcome the fear and to land on Pelikan Key are EI9FBB, EI5GM and 3Z9DX. Currently they are operating with two stations. [...]

SV5/IZ8IYX QSL Card with DxCoffee logo

The QSL Card of Pasquale IZ8IYX (Chief Editor of DxCoffee) as SV5/IZ8IYX from Rodhes Island. QSL via home call. See also: http://www.dxcoffee.com/eng/2014/08/04/sv5iz8iyx-on-air-from-the-number-one-of-europe-iotas/

JI3DST/5 New One IOTA AS-200 – Shodo Island

Takeshi JI3DST will be operating from Shodo Island (New IOTA AS-200) – Shikoku’s Coastal Islands between 20 – 22 September 2014, depending by weather conditions. He will use the call JI3DST/5 on 40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6m in [...]

RI0X Karaginsky island IOTA AS-064 – Update

10 August 2014 Correct callsign RI0X ************************* 15 July 2014 Some members of the Russian Robinson Club RRC announced an upcoming IOTA activation for the month of August. RA1ZZ, UA0ZC, RA3AV, UA1ZZ and UA3AKO will be active with [...]

9A4J/P – Lokrum Island IOTA EU-016 [Update Photo]

28 July 2014 We receive the photos by Tommy IZ7ECL  of 9A4J/P whit the DxCoffee flag. Thanks Guys! ****************************** 17 Juky 2014 9A3NY, 9A5AX, 9A5BNC, 9A5V, 9A3EAM, 9A4BL, 9A4AO and IZ7ECL will be operating from Lokrum Island [...]

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