Atlas of Remote Islands – A good read for Radioamateurs

A good read for Radioamateurs Atlas of Remote Islands of Judith Schalansky Ed. Penguin Books Judith Schalansky was born in 1980 on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall. The Soviets wouldn’t let anyone travel so everything she learnt about [...]

The 2014 Italian Islands Award Directory is finally on line.

The 2014 Italian Islands Award Directory is finally on line. Congratulations to the Award Manager Saverio Amore, IK2RLS, for the great job. A written work of 192 pages, also with an English version, filling a big gap concerning this Award. It’s [...]

WRTH – World Radio TV Handbook 2014

World Radio TV Handbook or WRTH is now in its 68th year. It is the most accurate and complete guide to the world of radio on LW, MW, SW and FM, available in any form. It is divided into the following sections Features – This section [...]

ARRL Handbook 2014 Special Edition

In October, ARRL will introduce the 2014 ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications in a commemorative ARRL Centennial Edition. This edition has been significantly revised, updated and edited for ARRL’s 100th birthday. Place your order now [...]

DX World Guide by DJ9ZB

Reading for the summer CQ introduces full-color “DX World Guide” CQ Communications, Inc., today announced the publication of the third edition of the DX Wolrd Guide, by Franz Lagner, DJ9ZB. This 384 page DX’ers guidebook is [...]

Archives of the “73 Amateur Radio Today”

Who remembers the “73” Magazine?  If you have a good memory you already knowwhat I’m talking about otherwise you can open the link that I report in this article. In fact, the Jefferson County Amateur Radio Club tells [...]

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