The Story: VK9MAV Marion Reef Isl. & Whitsundays Isl. [Part 2]

by Andy VK5MAV/VK9MAV Coral Sea Adventure Part 2. “We’ll go, we’ll rush on deer in the morning early …” (One of popular Soviet songs in 1970s) And so, when it was already beginning to dawn, Chris asked me a simple [...]

The Story: FR/F4HPX Reunion Island

For DxCoffee readers by Thomas F4HPX That was a holiday style DX expedition – my wife was born on Reunion and we have still a family there as well. There is around 120-130 OMs on the island (for 800.000 inhabitants) but many are not [...]

The Story: VK9MAV Marion Reef Isl. & Whitsundays Isl. [Part 1]

The Story: VK9MAV Marion Reef Isl. & Whitsundays Isl. [Part 1] by Andy VK5MAV/VK9MAV Coral Sea Adventure First of all – I want to express my deepest appreciation to all who did help to make the expedition happen. Sponsors – clubs and [...]

9L1T Sherbro Island, Sierra Leone, CANCELED

3 July 2017   Art IK7JWY informs DxCoffee readers:  “Bad news. Time ago we received by email a copy of our 9L1T licence. After repeated solicitations addressed to the Ministry of Telecommunications of Sierra Leone, in order [...]

Aloha from KH6, dear Ham-friends!

Aloha from KH6, dear Ham-friends!   Here is my short and final report from my recent KH6 (Hawai’i, IOTA OC-019) activation.  In the first week of May 2017 I was active as KH6/DL3LUM when I used my limited spare time to get onto [...]

3B7 St Brandon [Press Release]

Flo F5CWU informs DxCoffee redears: “Last January, we revealed our new project: a DX expedition to St Brandon archipelago – 3B7. Initially planned on October 2017, it is finally the period of March-April 2018 which was selected. [...]

TX5EG Oceania IOTA Tour

11 to 19 June: Atoll Ahe, IOTA OC-131, King George Islands (Locator  BH65VM) Operators: F6BCW, F6DTZ, F6IPT, F1MNQ and F1TCV. 29 June to 17 July: Huahine Island, IOTA OC-067, Leeward Islands [...]

Midway and Kure Island Reinstated as DXCC entities

ARRL News 11 May 2017   On March 31, 2017, the DXCC desk announced the deletion of Midway Island and Kure Island from the DXCC entities list. The stated reason for this action was because of changes in the administration resulting from [...]

GM0LVI/p Isle of Barra, Story & Photo

3 May 2017 Dave GM0LVI informs DxCoffee readers: “Barra is a tiny, windswept and beautiful little island out in the Atlantic and reached by a four and a half hour ferry trip from mainland Scotland. I arrived late evening so didn’t get [...]

9M0W DXpedition to Spratly [Exclusive News]

9M0W DXpedition to Spratly Exclusive News, Hrane YT1AD Hrane informs DxCoffee readers:   “I’ve postponed our trip to Spratly from December 2017 to March 10th till March 20th 2018, because the resort on Layang Layang island is closed [...]

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