IRAQI Kurdistan to hold Independence Referendum

IRAQI Kurdistan to hold Independence Referendum. Potentially new DXCC Country on the horizon. If you follow the Intrepid-DX Group, you know that we visited Erbil, the capitol of Iraqi Kurdistan in April 2010 and conducted the YI9PSE DXpedition.  Since [...]

Is 1A going to be deleted?

According to this press release (, it seems the Sovereign Military Order of Malta is not Sovereing anymore. Pope Francis seems to rule the [...]

Update on Ham Radio Operation in Turkey

  Update on Ham Radio Operation in Turkey There is no ham radio license revoked in Turkey and ham radio operators are operating normally. The reports on ham radio licenses being revoked by The Supreme Council of Radio and Television (RTUK) [...]

Kosovo IARU Society receives visitors for the IARU HF World Championship weekend

  Pristina, June.18,2016 From The Desk of Vjollca Caka, Z61VB, SHARK, President  Kosovo IARU Society receives visitors for the IARU HF World Championship weekend Z60A On the air from July 06th thru July 11th. The 2016 IARU HF World Championship not [...]

Senkaku Island AS-194, tension is back between China and Japan

The subject is once again the Senkaku islands, IOTA reference AS-194. On June 10, a Chinese frigate ventured up to 20 miles (38 chilometers) from the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. This small archipelago is administered by the Japanese government, [...]

Egypt leaves Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia

The Head of the Egyptian government Al Sisi Last April in Cairo the Saudi King Salman and the Head of the Egyptian Government Al Sisi have sanctioned the assignment of two Egyptian islands to Saudi Arabia. The two uninhabited islets, Tiran [...]

IOTA AS-051, U.S. sails warship near Chinese-claimed reef in South China Sea

Spratly Islands IOTA AS-051 Source: Tue May 10, 2016 1:55pm A U.S. navy warship sailed close to a disputed reef in the South China Sea on Tuesday, a U.S. Department of Defense official said, prompting anger in Beijing which denounced [...]

KG4 Guantanamo Bay back to Cuba and the DXCC changes

In the last few days, a US President has visited Cuba after about 90 years. The meeting between Barack Obama and Raul Castro has marked the beginning of a series of new relations between the two countries. The Cuban President has asked Obama [...]

13 February – World Radio Day

13 February – World Radio Day Radio in emergency and disaster situations Which one word describes the role of radio in times of emergencies + natural disasters…? Indispensable!…/reliable-communications-in-em… Happy [...]

Islamic State radio evades Afghan authorities

An Islamic State group-backed radio which is on the air in eastern Afghanistan continues to evade the authorities and has said it plans to expand its output. Meanwhile, an official in Kabul has said international help is needed to track down [...]

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