IARU: Amateur Allocation at 60 Meters Making Positive Progress at WRC-15

At World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15), currently under way in Geneva, the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) has reported further progress toward reaching consensus on a new 15 kHz-wide global secondary 60 meter Amateur [...]

ITU, 2015 World Radiocommunication Conference opens

2 November 2015 Good afternoon from Geneva, where the opening plenary meeting of WRC-15 is underway. The thousands of delegates and observers are accommodated in a massive hall for the opening meeting. The view from IARU President Tim Ellam’s [...]

The Association of Amateur Radio of Kosovo has not been admitted to the IARU

The Association of Amateur Radio of Kosovo has not been admitted to the IARU (International Amateur Radio Union). In a recent poll in the IARU, the “Republic of Kosovo didn’t obtain the recognition by the international union. This [...]

Liberland, is a new DXCC being born? [Update]

25 May 2015 Official post from IARU: “Gregor S53SL, Since Slovenia (your country), Serbia and the Croatia are all members of CEPT it seems to me that if you operate in accordance with the rules and regulations of your current CEPT license [...]

Nepal Earthquake – Press Release IARU & Update

29 April 2015  Newspapers   ****************************************** 29 April 2015  ITU staff on the ground following  Nepal to deploy emergency communications equipment (satellite mobile phones + terminals, with laptops and solar [...]

Resume meetings between two Koreas

Talks between high level delegations of the two Koreas were resumed on the 4th of October, during the closing of the “Asian Games” in Seoul (South Korea). News sources report that it was a short preparatory meeting for the next [...]

An emerging new country-Kurdistan?

  “Yesterday, Iraqi Kurdish President Massoud Barzani announced in an interview with CNN’s Christian Amanpour that his region is considering seeking formal independence from Iraq. “Iraq is obviously falling apart” he told CNN’s [...]

D0A and 1C4M: pirates from Donetsk Republic

Since May 29, a station signing as D0A (sometimes also as 1C4M) has been heard on 20 meters CW, operating from the so called “Republic of Donetsk”. Of course, these callsigns are fake and come from a pirate station. Ukraine, besides [...]

ARRL Responds to Ukrainian Amateur Radio League Regarding DXCC Status of Crimea

05/21/2014 The ARRL has responded to an appeal from the Ukrainian Amateur Radio League (UARL) to “consider the information regarding the status of Crimea as temporarily occupied territory.” UARL President VladimirGrishchenko, UT0FT, told [...]

Emergency Serbia

Good morning, Maybe you had already the opportunity to watch over TV what’s happening in Serbia Most of southern villages, cities, towns have been flooded by a mass of water coming from river Sava and Danube plus hundreds of insignificant [...]

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