DX Alert, new app for Android!

Hi DxCoffee readers, I have released the first version of a new app for Android devices: DX Alert. You can set up DX Cluster alerts and let the DX Alert server monitor the cluster for you. So your device is not directly connected to the DX [...]

The HAM TV project, a technological success of AMSAT Italia

HAM TV is a project that allows in the international program ARISS of make broadcasts audio / video from the International Space Station (ISS) on amateur radio bands for contacts with schools, with the aim of sharing the experiences of the astronauts [...]

AmsatDroid, the android app for tracking amateur satellites

AmsatDroid is a free application for the Android operating system developed and implemented by David A.B. Johnson (G4DPZ), an interesting and usefull application for all users and amateur radio enthusiasts of artificial satellites. This program [...]

NAVTEX, international system automated to transmit messages to mariners

NAVTEX abbreviation of NAVigational TEleX, is an international automated used to transmit the medium frequency in real time, alerts navigation, meteorological and emergency information related to security. Vessels transiting along the coasts [...]

ITAMSAT, 22 years in Space

The September 26 of 22 years ago, the italian amateur satellite ITAMSAT of the Microsat series was launched into orbit by an Ariane-40 V59 together with the french satellite for remote sensing Spot 3 and five other microsatellites. Great enthusiasm [...]

Amateur radio satellites placed into orbit. Chronology 1961-2012

The amateur radio operators around the world can communicate with their stations through the amateur satellites placed in orbit. Their realization and their success, are the result of the research, experimentation of engineers, technicians amateurs [...]

Morse Intercom, the android app for communicate in Morse code

Morse Intercom is a free application for the Android operating system developed and implemented by Graham Jolley, a new and recently application for all enthusiast of Morse code. This program allows you to communicate in Morse code with all [...]

VOACAP Propagation Planner Revisited!

We receive and publish: Let me take this opportunity to inform you of a revamped online service, VOACAP Propagation Planner. VOACAP Propagation Planner ( www.voacap.com/planner.html ) is a comprehensive (and free-of-charge) planning tool for [...]

DX Summit renewed!

Try the new version of DXSummit, the well known website for viewing and sending packet cluster spots! This new version, offering custom filters, is still in beta stage, but it can be tested at http://new.dxsummit.fi/. We have succesfully tried [...]

Log4OM, a logging program for hams

Let’s talk with Daniele Pistollato, IW3HMH who will tell us about the Log4OM software, a software made to manage the station log that is having a huge following and that deserves to be known by the readers of dxcoffee. Hello Daniel, tell [...]

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