JW6VDA Svalbard EU-026

Tom LA6VDA will be active again from Svalbard Islands, IOTA EU-026, 1 to 22 March 2017 as JW6VDA. Operate on HF Bands in SSB. QSL info QRZ.com  

TI7/K0BBC Costa Rica

Matt K0BBC will be active from Costa Rica, 28 February to 7 March 2017 as TI7/K0BBC.   QSL via home call.  

7P8EUDXF Lesotho [Update]

22 February 2017  “Pista HA5AO is operating from the Molangoane Lodge, near Ha Ntsi. The lodge is located on a plateau with no high mountains nearby. The take off to the N and NW it is clear. The NE to JA is slightly blocked by a [...]

VP2MMF Montserrat Island NA-103

Charles K1XX will be active again from Montserrat Island, IOTA NA-103, 25 February to 5 March 2017 as VP2MMF. Operate on HF bands in CW and SSB. QSL via home call.  

5X8EW Uganda

Eric SM1TDE will be active from Uganda 23 to 26 February 2017 as 5X8EW.  Active on 40 – 10m CW. QSL via home call.

ZF2SC & ZF2FB Cayman Islands NA-016

Scott KA9P and Ron W9XS will be active from Cayman Islands, IOTA  NA-016, 22 to 28 February 2017 as ZF2SC and ZF2FB. ZF2SC QSL via KA9P ZF2FB QSL via LOTW      

8P9AL Barbados NA-021

Chuck KG9N will be active from Barbados Island, IOTA NA-021, 22 February to 7 March 2017 as 8P9AL. Active on HF bands. QSL via home call and LOTW.

E51KTA Rarotonga Island OC-013

Dom, M1KTA informs DxCoffee readers: Dom M1KTA will be active from Rarotonga Island, IOTA OC – 013, 10 – 19 March 2017 as E51KTA. He will operate on HF Bands including activity in BERU Contest. May activate other IOTA and E5/N QSL [...]

5X1O Uganda

Jonathan KK7PW will be active from Uganda 21 February to 7 March 2017 as 5X1O. Active on 40, 20, 15, 10m. QSL via EA5GL.

TX5T Raivavae Island OC-114

Members of CanAm DX Group will be active from Raivavae Island, IOTA OC-114, 20 February to 3 March 2017 as TX5T. Active on HF bands in CW, SSB and Digi. Team: W5MJ, VA7DX, VE7KW and W5RF. QSL Via M0URX. web site: http://www.australs2017.com/  

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