XR7T Isla Ascensión SA-043

Doming CE1DY, Mau CE7KF, Marco CE1TBN, Cesar CA5GRF and Bruno CE7PGO will be active from Ascension Island, Guaitecas Archipelago IOTA SA-043, 10 yo 17 January 2017 as XR7T. Operate on HF Bands in SSB and Digital. QSL via CE3OP.

RI0C Iony Island AS-069

Vasily RA1ZZ/3 informs DxCoffee readers: R7AL, RA1ZZ, RW5D and RK8A will be active from Iony Island, IOTA AS-069, in July 2017 as RI0C. Operate on HF Bands. Web site: http://www.iony2017.com/  

8Q7ND Maldive Islands AS-013 [Photo Update]

8 January 2017 Neven LZ1COM for DxCoffee readers: “My working conditions” *********************************** 20 December 2016 Neven LZ1COM annoucement: “I will be working from the Maldives at least one of the days between [...]

TF/DL1NX Iceland EU-021

Alex DL1NX informs DxCoffee readers: “Hi Guys, I’m just send you this email to let you know that I will try to be active from 20 to 26.01.2017 from Iceland. QRP as well as vacation style operation. Rigs will be KX3 and Buddipole, [...]

YN2MG, YN2KW, YN2WL & YN2MF Nicaragua

Harold “Marty” Fitzgerald W5MF informs DxCoffee readers: “Announcing DXpedition to Granada, Nicaragua A team of four hams, sponsored by Texas DX Society, will be operating near Granada, Nicaragua beginning March 20 and ending March [...]

ZC4SB & ZC4JB UK Sovereign Base Areas on Cyprus

Steve G0GSB and Judith G4IAQ will be active from UK Sovereign Base Areas on Cyprus, 11 to 25 January 2017 as ZC4SB and ZC4JB. Operate on HF Bands. QSL via home call direct.  

E51AMF Rarotonga OC-013

“E51AMF will now also be active from Rarotonga (OC-013) in the South Cook Islands – E5/S.  Active from Jan 5th-9th 2017 and again from Feb 8th-18th.  As with the North Cooks, will also focus on EU, ATNO, and [...]

8Q7AZ Meeru Island AS-013

Rolf DL8AZ will be active from Meeru Island, Meerunfushi IOTA AS-013, 2 to 11 January 2017 as 8Q7AZ. Operate on 40 – 10m in SSB. QSL via home call.

8J1RL & 8J60JARE Queen Maud Land AN-015

Yath JG2MLI will be active from Showa Research Station at Queen Maud Land, IOTA AN-015, 1 January 2017 to 20 January 2018 as 8J1RL and 8J60JARE. Operate on 40 – 10m in CW, SSB and Digi QSL via home call, LOTW and eQSL.  

EA8/PH2M Lanzarote Island AF-004 [Update]

29 December 2016 Frank PH2M informs DxCoffee readers: “I want to inform DxCoffee readers that finally my EA8/PH2M QSL-cards have arrived from the printer. QSL is OK via Bureau, Direct (see https://www.qrz.com/db/EA8/PH2M) or OQRS – Online [...]

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