9X0JW Rwanda

Jim KB1ZSQ will be active from Rwanda until 30 December 2017 as 9X0JW. Operate on 80 – 10m, SSB and digital modes. QSL via eQSL.

R23RRC Ptichiy Island AS-091

23th Anniversary of the “Russian Robinson Club” Vasily R7AL and Vladimir RK8A will make an effort to activate Ptichiy island, AS-091. Approximate QRV dates are: 25-28 of August, 2016. QSL via ClubLog OQRS.    

EA8/F5MUX Lanzarote Island & SV9/F5MUX Crete Island

Lee F5MUX will be active from Lanzarote Island, IOTA AF-004, 27 August to 3 September 2016 as EA8/F5MUX and will be active from Crete Island, IOTA EU-015, 7 to 14 September 2016 as SV9/F5MUX. Operate on HF Bands. QSL via home call.  

KD6WW/VY0 & K9AJ/VY0 NA-159

Bruce KD6WW and Mike K9AJ will be active from King George Island Group, IOTA NA-159, 26 to 29 August 2016 as KD6WW/VY0 and K9AJ/VY0. Operate on HF Bands. QSL via home call.      

ZA/IZ7GXB Albania

Costa IZ7GXB will be active from Albania 26 to 30 August 2016 as ZA/IZ7GXB. Operate on HF Bands. QSL via home call.

VP6J, E51Q, E6TBA, T2J, 3D2GG by JF2MBF & JA2FJP

Nob JF2MBF and Ken JA2FJP announcement: “Our destinations are VP6 (Pitcairn), E5 (Rarotonga, South Cook), E6 (Niue), T2 (Tuvalu) and 3D2 (Nadi, Fiji) with a pair of IC-7300, an IC-706MKⅡ, a 500W linear amplifier and vertical antennas. *Band [...]

A52ARJ, A52LSS, A52EQW & A52AEF Bhutan

Ohkushi JA3ARJ, Kunio JH3LSS, Ryo JH7EQW and Junichi JH3AEF will be active from Bhutan 22 to 27 August 2016 respectively as A52ARJ, A52LSS, A52EQW and A52AEF. QSL info: A52ARJ via JA3ARJ. A52LSS via JH3LSS. A52EQW via JH7EQW. A52AEF via JH3AEF.

YJ0COW Vanuatu OC-035

Tom KC0W will be active from Vanuatu, IOTA OC-035, 21 August to 21 September 2016 as YJ0COW. Operate on HF Bands. QSL via home call, only direct.    

VK5CWL Kangaroo Island OC-139

Members of Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society (AHARS), will be active from Kangaroo Island, IOTA OC-139, 19 to 22 August 2016 as VK5CWL. Operate on HF Bands and they will activate Cape Willoughby lighthouse. QSL via VK5PAS web site: http://vk5cwl.weebly.com/

AO8LH Canary Island AF-004

Jose EA8CNR informs DxCoffee readers: “On 20 and 21 August, the Grupo DX Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) will be, as every year, on International Lighthouse Weekend, under the callsign AO8LH from Punta del Castillete Lighthouse on all HF [...]

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