Sangihe Island YB8SI

YB8SI is currently active from Sangihe Island (IOTA OC-210).

T2T – Funafuti Island

VK4AN, VK4FW, VK4NEF, NL8F, K4ZLE and W5SL  will be active from Funafuti Island, Tuvalu from  November 11 to December 8, 2011 as T2T.

7Q7GM – Malawi

GM3YTS and GM0GAV  will be active from Malawi from  October 31 to November 13, 2011 as 7Q7GM.

6Y5/KJ4YDW – Jamaica

KJ4YDW is currently active from Jamaica as 6Y5/KJ4YDW.

3G6CS – Chile

CE6CS is currently active with a special call from Chile: 3G6CS.

8Q7EJ – Vilamendhoo Island 2011

G3VDB will be active from Vilamendhoo Island, Maldives 31 October through 13 November, 2011 as 8Q7EJ.

Ecuador HC1JQ

HC1JQ will be active from Ecuador in CQ WW DX RTTY Contest 24-25 September 2011

EA6/DL4ABO – Balearic Islands

DL4ABO will be active 19-24 October, 2011 from the Balearic Islands as EA6/DL4ABO

SV5/LA5GY – Rhodes Island

LA5GY will be active from Rhodes Island (IOTA EU-001) 25 September through 10 October 2011, as SV5/LA5GY.

Rockall coming soon – will the weather be ok?

MM0RAI/p will leave Antwerp to Rockall on Saturday, the 24th of September on board the Cdt. Fourcault. Rockall is a tiny rock in the middle of the Atlanic Ocean, extremely difficult to reach and to climb. What’s the weather forecast for [...]

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