ZF2OE – Cayman Islands

OE2SNL , OE2WNL and OE2ATN will be active from the Cayman Islands 21 October through 2 November, 2011 as ZF2OE

AC2AI/KH2 – Guam Island

JJ2CJB will be active from Guam Island in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest 29-30 October, 2011 as AC2AI/KH2

YJ0ANR – Vanuatu

NQ7R will be active from Vanuatu 27 September through 15 October, 2011 as YJ0ANR

JW/DF8AN – Svalbard Islands

DF8AN will be active from theSvalbard Islands 26-30 September, 2011 as JW/DF8AN.

Vanuatu – YJ0ABP

DJ0YI will be active from Vanuatu 26 September through 14 October, 2011 as YJ0ABP

HF36POL (WAP-215) & HF35APAS (WAP-216), POLAND (Special Event)

Look for special event station HF36POL to be on the air to celebrate the departure of the “36th Polish Antarctic Expedition” to the ARCTOWSKI Station (WAP POL-Ø1)in Antarctica.  QSL via SP9YI,

Dxpedition to Vanuatu by ODXG

ODXG Inc will be heading to Vanuatu (IOTA OC-035) to activate YJ0VK from 30 September through 12 October, 2011. The eight member team is made up of operators from Australia and the United States. With less than 2 weeks to go, schedules and accommodations [...]

8P9DL 8P9MS 8P9HP – Barbados

DL8YHR , DL9MS and DL2NUD will be on the air from Barbados between the 7th and the 21st of November, 2011 with calls: 8P9DL, 8P9MS and 8P9HP. They will be active on the HF bands and also on 6 meter and 2 meter EME.

PZ5LP – Suriname

Here’s a DXCC entity you don’t often see. You might take note of this one. Peter, PA1LP will be operating from Suriname September 18th through October 15th, 2011 as PZ5LP.

ZK2C DXpedition to Niue Island IOTA OC-040

“After S9DX of 2011 there will be another German DXpedition, this time in ZK2C, Niue Island in 2012.” These are words uttered by the German team to make known to the amateur radio community the next DX adventure planned for 2012.

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