JW8OSA, Eivind from Svalbard

Eivind Tollerød Fosse, LA8OSA will be occasioanlly on Svalbard for work-related reasons. He will operate in jis spare time as JW8OSA. On the way to JW he could operate as JW8OSA/AM (Aeronautical Mobile) if time permits. He is waiting for QSLs [...]

YB9WZJ/P: Doom Island IOTA OC-239

Joni, YB9WZJ will be active  /P from Doom Island  IOTA OC-239 during the RGSB IOTA Contest July 30 – 31, 2011.  QSL direct only.

V84SHM to celebrate a Royal Birthday

To coincide with the 65th Birthday of his Majesty the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam, Gemilang Radio of Persatuan, Gemilang Daerah Tutong in conjunction with the Sabah West Coast Amateur Radio Club (SWARC), Malaysia, look for a pecial DXpedition [...]

IC8L Licosa Island IOTA EU-031 WL LH 3342

Licosa island, better know as Punta Licosa,  is a small piece of paradise lying along the Tyrrenian seacoast in the area of Cilento in the southern part of Italy,  in the Campania region.  This is where a team of operators will be active [...]

JT1FDB from Ulaan-Batar

Frank Panser, DD0CW (previous call DL2ECW) is back in Ulaan-Bataar as JT1FDB. He was active in 2006, 2008 and 2011 with a license granted from MRSF, Mongolian Radio Sport Federation. Now things have changed and the MRSF is no longer in charge [...]
European Council


The “Council of Europe Radio Amateur Radio Club” announces its activity during the next IOTA contest July 29-30-31 2011, with the call TP50CE.  This  is a special event calllsign assigned for the 50th anniversary of the European [...]

VK9CX Cocos Keeling IOTA OC-003

Cocos Keeling Island, IOTA reference OC-003, the 76th most wanted country in the world, will be activated soon by Lot DJ7ZG and Babs DL7AFS, during the time period between October 19th to November 9th 2011, with the call VK9CX.


Lord Howe 2011 with the call VK9HR by the Hellenic Amateur Radio Association of Australia, prefixes IOTA OC-004, VKFF-295, after some rumors, has definitely started to be a true activation.  In fact, the Team is ready to leave for the island. [...]

XE3/IZ2LSC – XF3/IZ2LSC Mexico, mainland and IOTA NA 045

We so proudly announce another great activation planned by a fellow countryman, IZ2LSC.  Andrea is planning to be active from 2 different locations in Mexico: from  the mainland from July 26 to August 8 2011 with the call XE3/IZ2LSC.  The [...]

8Q7CC Furan Nafushi Island by I0WDX

A new great DX adventure from Furan Nafushi Island, north male atoll, by I0WDX , Cesare with the callsign 8Q7CC. Cesare I0WDX is a very well know countryman, especially for his homebrew yagis and for his great passion for DX which has set [...]

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