CP6/DF9GR Bolivia

Rene Schmidt, DF9GR will be active again from Bolivia until the 20th of August, 2011 with the call CP6/DF9GR. He will be operating on 80-10m CW , SSB, PSK and RTTY.

YB9/GM3OOK, YB9/G4JVG – Bali Island

9M6XRO e 9M6DXX will be operating from Bali Island (IOTA OC-022) from the 12th to 15th of September, 2011 with calls: YB9/GM3OOK and YB9/G4JVG.

CE0Y/I2DMI Easter Island SA-001

Equipment was set up and the station checked out fully operational on August 1st, with its first QSO of the DXpedition logged at 5PM on Easter Island for CE0Y/I2DMI. Operator Francesco will be operating 40,20,17,15,12 and 10 meters. You may [...]

R3ARS/1 on the White Sea Islands Group EU-147

Valery UA3DUV, Aleksey RA3AKF and Victor RA3DKG, all members of R3ARS/1 team, will be on the White Sea Islands Group of islands (EU-147) starting August 12. After the the expedition, they will be available from the Reserves of the Murmansk region [...]

8P9XC – Barbados

Carsten Schoof, DF1XC, continues to operate holiday style as 8P9XC from Saint Philip, Barbados in the Southeast Caribbean.

ZD8D – Ascension Island AF-003

For the recent IOTA Contest, ZD8D finished with over one million points and 1622 QSOs. Now the team can take a deep breath. They are going to be spending more time on bands which have been underrepresented, namely 40 and 80 meters, although [...]

EA6/EA3PT EU-004

Jordi Portet, EA3PT will be active August 8th through August 21st as EA6/EA3PT from Menorca Island. Jordi will be operating SSB only on 40 through 10 meters.

ST0R – The Expedition is Halfway Through

It’s hard to believe, especially for avid DXers still trying to make their way through the pileups, that the ST0R DXpedition to the world’s newest country and DX entity, Southern Sudan, is now at its halfway point. The ST0R website [...]

W2S (woodstock 42 years later)

Good information coming from Stan WB2LQF who, will operate during this period as Special Event Station W2S. Although advertised as “QRP”, CW only, single station, single operator, Stan WB2LQF says the following:

XF1/K5ENS Mujeres Island

K5ENS will be active from Mujeres Island (IOTA NA – 045) until 14 November 2011, with the call XF1/K5ENS

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