ZP7/JE1LGY – Paraguay

JE1LGY is currently active from Paraguay as ZP7/JE1LGY

9L0W – Banana Island/ Sierra Leone

DJ8NK, DL5CW, DL9USA, DL2VW and DJ9RR wil be active from Banana Island (IOTA AF-037) , Sierra Leone 22 November through 4 December, 2011 as 9L0W.

3DA0GF | 3DA0HC Swaziland 2011

ZS6AYU and ZS6BZP will be active from Swaziland 21-24 October, 2011 as 3DA0GF and 3DA0HC. 3DA0GF will be active on CW only while 3DA0HC will operate only on SSB.

5N51EAM – Nigeria

IK2IQD is currently active from Nigeria as 5N51EAM

5Z4/JA7SGV – Kenya

JA7SGV will be active from Kenya 12 October through 2 November, 2011 as 5Z4/JA7SGV

HQ2W – Honduras WW SSB 2011

HR2DMR will be active from Honduras in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest 29-30 October, 2011 as HQ2W

JT5DX – Mongolia WW SSB 2011

JT1BV, WV6E, K4ZW, and JT1CO will be active from Mongolia in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest 29-30 October, 2011 as JT5DX.

9G1YE – Ghana

PA3ERA is currently active from Ghana as 9G1YE

HS0ZEX Phuket Island (Thailand)

DL9MDZ is now living now on Phuket Island, Thailand and active as HS0ZEX.

KH7X – Hawaii

G3NKC, G3UML, G4XUM, GM4AFF, K1XX, K9NW, K9PG, KH6ND, KH7U and NH6XO will be active from Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest 29-30 October, 2011 as KH7X

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