J6/W0MU – St Lucia

W0MU will be active from the Caribbean island of St Lucia 21 November through 1 December, 2011 as J6/W0MU.

NH0S – Saipan

JF2SKV will be active from the island of Saipan 27-31 October, 2011 as NH0S. He will be active on HF using the following modes of operation: CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK.

PJ2/DK5ON – Curacao

DK5ON will be active from the Caribbean island of Curacao 12-30 March, 2012 as PJ2/DK5ON

KP2MM – US Virgin Islands

N2TTA will be active from the US Virgin Islands in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest as KP2MM 29-30 October, 2011

PJ4J – Bonaire

PJ4J – yet another story of an IOTA DXpedition involving Wim, OS1T (ON4CIT) who will be active from the Caribbean island of Bonaire from October 27th  until  November 9th, 2011 as PJ4J.

5V7MA – Republic of Togo

This is very exciting news that we are spreading in real time relating to Arnaud Menuel, F4FOO who will be active as 5V7MA – Republic of Togo – from December 19th,  2011 to January 4th  2012, during his free time.

XV4Y Vietnam ON Air

Yannick, XV4Y informs the DX community he has been active from the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam, where he’s lived for some time now. It’s here that he has his work, his family and his new call, XV4Y.

Wired magazine talks about shortwave radio again

With an article by Peter Savodnik, Wired, an American magazine devoted to current and future trends in technology and how they are shaping business, entertainment, communications, science and politics, is now talking again about shortwave radio: [...]

CY0/VE1AWW – Sable Island

Alan, VE1AWW returns to Sable Island this week as CY0/VE1AWW. He’ll be on the air from time to time starting October 5, 2011.

Pender Island NA-075

Heinz-VA7AQ/7 and Frank-VE7DP/7 will be active from Pender Island, starting about 22:00 UTC on Saturday, the 1st of October until 22:00 UTC of Monday, the 3rd of October, 2011.

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