CT9/DJ8OG – Santana Madeira

DJ8OG is will be active from Santana Madeira(IOTA AF-014) 6-12 September, 2011 as CT9/DJ8OG. He will be active on 80 through 10 meters.

YB9/DJ7XJ – Bali Island

DJ7XJ is currently active from Bali Island as YB9/DJ7XJ, where you’ll find him on the HF bands.

T5/TA1AMC – Somalia

Murat TA1AMC is in Somalia, the 60th most wanted place on the Most Wanted DXCC List. He is operating on the HF bands, especially on 15m, with the call T5/TA1AMC.

ZG2ER – National Day of Gibraltar

There’s a special prefix to celebrate  National Day of Gibraltar, the 10th of September, 2011. Look for ZG2ER on HF.

PJ7I Sint Maarten Dxpedition 2011

Just a little longer but be aware that the wait will not really be that long. To be exact, PJ7I will be on the air from 24-28 November, 2011 from the island of Sint Maarten IOTA NA-105, by K1GI, Masa.

EB8AH – Gran Canaria Island

OH6RX , EA5DY , EA5DFV , EA8AH ,  EA8ZS and EA8CAC will use the call EB8AH during the CQ WW DX SSB Contest (29-30 Octobe, 2011) from  Gran Canaria Island , Canary Islands.

Bhutan – A52 & Company

Andy UA3AB (A52AB), Ralph K0IR (A52IR), Paul W8AEF (A52PP), Pat W0BM (A52PC) and Glenn W0GJ (A51B), will be active from October 25 to November 1, 2011 from Bhutan during the CQ WW SSB Contest.

TA4/RZ3DJ – Turkey

RZ3DJ is currently active in Turkey with the call TA4/RZ3DJ …

V55V/P – Namibia

DD8ZX, DF2UU, DF3GY, DJ6OV and other local operators will be active from Namibia 3-4 September, 2011 with the call V55V / P

4X5A – Akhziv Island

4Z4KX, 4Z5LA, 4X6HP, 4Z5FI, 4X4DZ 4X1VF and will be active from Akhziv Island (IOTA AS-100) 21- 22 October, 2011 with the call 4X5A

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