JW/LB5WB Svalbard EU-026

Helge LB5WB will be active again from Svalbard, IOTA EU-026, 16 to 18 September 2016 as JW/LB5WB. QSL via home call.  

3B8/ZS4TX Mauritius AF-049

Bernie ZS4TX will be active from Mauritius Island, IOTA AF-049, 16 to 19 September 2016 as 3B8/ZS4TX. QSL via Homecall direct or LoTW.  

FJ/KO8SCA Saint Barthelemy NA-146

Adrian KO8SCA informs DxCoffee readers: “Planning a 7-day Holiday Style DXpedition to SAINT BARTHELEMY from November 19-26, 2016. He will be using the callsign: FJ/KO8SCA. Equipment: K3 transceiver and KPA500 amplifier running 500W into [...]

TO5FP Saint-Pierre & Miquelon NA-032 [Update]

13 September 2016 Nicolas F1RAF informs DxCoffee readers: “Just a correction about the team members, F4HEC, F1RAF, FK8IK and F5TMJ (not F5MUX as said in March 2016). Our luggage lost in the flight from Paris to Montreal last saturday, [...]

D44TUJ Boa Vista Island AF-086

Ralf DK8FA will be active again from Boa Vista Island, IOTA AF-086), 15 to 29 September 2016 as D44TUJ. QSL via home call.

KG4SS Guantanamo Bay NA-015

Stu K4MIL will be active again from Guantanamo Bay, IOTA NA-015, 13 to 26 September 2016 as KG4SS. Operate on HF bands. QSL via home call and LOTW.  

FM/DD5ZZ Martinique Island NA-107

Alex DD5ZZ will be active from Martinique Island, IOTA NA-107, 12 September to 3 October 2016 as FM/DD5ZZ. Operate on HF Bands, holiday style. QSL via home call.    

T88WI & T88WH Koror Island OC-009

Kenji JH1BGH and Jiro 7K1HLJ will be active again from Koror Island – Palau, IOTA OC-009, 11 to 15 September 2016 as T88WI and T88WH. QSL info: T88WI via JH1BGH T88WH via 7K1HLJ

5W0BOB Upolu Island OC-097

Bob VK2BOB announcement: “I will be working a holiday-style DXpedition from Le Uaina Resort east of Apia, Samoa, from 10 September 2016 to 17 September 2016. This will be my first such DXpedition so I don’t expect to be belting out [...]

VK5MAV/6 Viney Island OC-266

Andy VK5MAV announcement: “DXpedition to OC-266 Viney Island, Western Australia WILL happen from 8th to 13th Sept. 2016. IC-7200 / 100 Watts, 3 el 14 MHz and 3 el 21 MHz VDA by RZ3FW, Multiband dipole by Spiderbeam. Plus 1 generator, 30 [...]

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