S21ZDC Saint Martins Island – Bangladesh AS-127

Derek G3KHZ, Steve G4EDG, Axel DL6KVA, Syed S21ED and Anup S21TV will be active from Saint Martins Island, IOTA AS-127, Bangladesh, 21 – 25 October 2017 as S21ZDC. Working on 40 – 15m. QSL via SM6CVX.

T2AR Funafuti Atoll OC-015

Tony 3D2AG will be active from Funafuti Atoll, Tuvalu, IOTA OC-015, 21 to 28 October 2017 as T2AR. Operate on HF Bands and 2 – 6m in  SSB, CW, RTTY, JT65 and FT8. QSL via 3D2AG.  

TI7/K5SGE, TI7/W5AP & TI7/WA0D Costa Rica

The team of the Northeast Tarrant County Amateur Radio Club will be active from Costa Rica, 21 to 30 October 2017 as TI7/K5SGE, TI7/W5AP and TI7/WA0D. Operate on HF Bands CW, SSB and Digital modes. QSL via home calls.

VP2ESM & VP2EHC Anguilla Island NA-022

Seppo OH1VR and Henri OH3JR will be active again from Anguilla Island, IOTA NA-022, 21 November to 2 December 2017 as VP2ESM and VP2EHC. Operate on 160 – 10m CW, SSB, RTTY and in the CQWW DX CW Contest. QSL via home calls.

6Y4V, 6Y4F, 6Y4J & 6Y4E Jamaica

Stephen AA4V, James N4SF, David K8AJA and Richard W4GE will be active from Jamaica Island, IOTA NA-097, 21 October to 31 October 2017 respectively as 6Y4V, 6Y4F, 6Y4J and 6Y4E. Operate from 6Y5WJ QTH and participate in CQWW DX [...]

P29RR Papua New Guinea

Roly ZL1BQD will be active from Papua New Guinea as P29RR, 20 October to 6 November 2017. Active on HF Bands. QSL via home call direct.

A25A Botswana

Andre NJ0F will be active from Botswana 20 October to 5 November 2017 as A25A. Active on HF Bands including activity in CQWW DX SSB Contest.   QSL via NJ0F direct only.

E44WE Palestine [Update]

18 October 2017 Date: 18 to 29 October 2017  ************************** 10 April 2017 Janusz SP9FIH Announcement: “I got the license E44WE valid for one year. Probably few operations will take place during coming year. Please [...]

FJ/AI5P & FJ/N0KV Saint Barthelemy Island NA-146

AI5P, N0KV, W0ZA and WD0E will be active from Saint Barthelemy Island, IOTA NA-146, 17 to 26 October 2017 as FJ/AI5P and FJ/N0KV. Active on 80 – 10m in CW, SSB, RTTY and also via amateur radio satellites. QSL info: FJ/AI5P via [...]

7P8AO Lesotho

“Pista HA5AO will return to Lesotho as a volunteer to a local community group. Look for 7P8AO, October 16 – 28, 2017. He plans to operate 10 – 40m, CW, RTTY and FT8 when not at work; log and OQRS at HA5AO.com The primary purpose [...]

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