VK0EK Heard Island 2016 Expedition, film by Vadym Ivliev UT6UD


[VIDEO] VP8STI VP8SGI DXpedition 2016 – Gerstell Academy Youth Project

David K3LP for DxCoffee readers: “The final version of the Barden Dillon School Motto project for the VP8 trip can be seen using the link below. I think it would be great for other kids and schools to see.”

VP8SGI, A Stop to South Georgia [Video]

VP8SGI, A Stop to South Georgia

Video of BS7H,Scarborough Reef

This series of Dxpedition videos has come to an end with BS7H, Scarborough Reef of 2007. This is another video taken in widescreen mode, being relatively recent. Click the image to watch it. The entire series is on https://vimeo.com/user36455730/videos.

Video of K4M, Midway atoll, 2009

The video of K4M, the Dxpedition to Midway atoll is available online. K4M took place in 2009 so this video is in widescreen mode. Click the picture.

Video of ZL8R, Kermadec 2006

The video of ZL8R is available online. That was the Dxpedition to Kermadec that took place in 2006. Click on the image.

Video of VK0IR

As we follow the Braveheart’s progress (https://share.delorme.com/vk0ek), carrying the VK0EK team, let’s rediscover the VK0IR Dxpedition to Heard island of 1997. Click the image.

Video of A52A

The video of A52A, the famous Dxpedition to Bhutan conducted in 2000, is available online. Click the picture.    

Video of FO0AAA, Clipperton 2000

Another video made by James, 9V1YC is available online. This is about FO0AAA, the Dxpedition to Clipperton that took place in 2000. Click on the image below.

The Falkland Islands Television interview David K3LP – VP8 Co-Leader

The Intrepid DXpedition heads to South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands on an adventure of a life time. FITV Falkland Islands Television   See also: http://www.dxcoffee.com/eng/2016/vp8-south-sandwich-island-south-georgia-island/

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