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DxCoffee has created an Award aimed at Dxpeditions. As you know, there are already several awards of this kind. Our Award, though, takes into account only the Communication aspect of a Dxpedition, that is, we mean to award the Dxpedition that has communicated with the ham community in the best way, providing “information” about its operation. By “information” we mean a bit of everything: from daily reports , to pictures, videos, forums, propagation hints, on line logs, advices on how to work the Dxpedition, etc. Clearly, most of these functions are implemented through the main instrument: the Dxpedition website, but other channels can also be used, such as bullettins sent by pilots or qsl managers or mailing lists. Every year, we will award a Dxpedition that has taken place in the preceding year.

These are the rules of this award:

1) The online magazine DxCoffee (Authorization & Registration: Court of Vibo Valentia -Italy n. 3, March 20, 2012) establishes the “Best Communications Award By DxCoffee.”

2) The prize is located at the Office of the Publisher for DxCoffee (Association LineaPunto).

3) DxCoffee calls a Committee for the “Best Communication Award by DxCoffee”, presided over by an Award Manager and DxCoffee’s Chief Editor. Members of the Committee are the DxCoffee staff members and those who forward their application to the Committee’s Presidency.

4) The Committee annually presents the “Best Communication Award” to the best DxPedition (team or a single operator) among the operations that took place during the preceding year.

5) Operations to be evaluated include those that have been most diligent in managing and promulgating information through the means of communication and have shown a marked communications ability (website, use of languages, press releases, bullettins, blogs, articles, pictures, logos, news usability, etc…).

6) The Committee shall make public the reasons for Award selection.

7) Under special circumstances, more than one Award could be presented for the same year.

8) All decisions are final.

9) The Award is presented free of charge.

10) DxCoffee institutes the “Best Communication Award” honor roll.

Award Manager Fabrizio IU0BMP

Chief Editor Pasquale IZ8IYX

TNX to Mark W0BG and Francesco IZ7KHR

Spanish version thanks to Luis EA1CS:

Honor Roll:

2013 TX5K – Clipperton Island

2014 FT5ZM – Amsterdam Island

2015 K1N – Navassa Island

2016 VK0EK – Heard Island

Special Mentions:


  • IA0MZ – Antartica
  • 5W0M – Western Samoa 
  • VK9CZ – Cocos Keeling Islands


  • A35V e A35X Tonga
  • YW5D, Tortuga island
  • VK9MT Mellish Reef
  • VK9DLX Lord Howe Island
  • FT4TA Tromelin Island


  • TX3X, Chesterfield Island
  • VK9WA, Willis Island


  • VP8SGI/VP8STI, South Georgia Island & South Sandwich Islands
  • K5P, Palmyra Island
  • FT4JA, Juan de Nova Island 
  • EP2A, Iran



Best Communication Award

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Article 2016 Edition:

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