DxCoffee Party 2016



The venue for the 2016 Party will be the magnificent and rich of significance Villa Griffone – Sasso Marconi near Bologna. Our Party will take place on occasion of the 4th Hamradioweb convention, with Bologna’s ARI section celebrating their 70th anniversary on October 1 and 2, 2016.

This will be our contribution to the HamRadioWeb Annual Convention. A fusion with other ham radio expertises, aimed to create a National event to the partecipating ham’s benefit. Internationally known Dxers will attend, presenting the latest world Dxpeditions; the 2015 Best Communication Award will be presented as well as the BCA special mentions. You can also find the DXCC desk and enjoy guided visits, conviviality, friendship and much more…


Saturday, October 1


8:30 am, desk opening for check-in and payment of fees for Saturday buffet lunch, Saturday gala dinner, Sunday visits and lunch;

During the morning, the DXCC Desk will be available (including 160 and deleted) for WAS, WAC and IOTA credit, conducted by I1JQJ.

Futhermore, an US license exam session will be held with a VE team, managed by IK2CIO.

10:30 am, the convention starts, with the greetings of the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation President, Prof. Gabriele Falciasecca, the Sasso Marconi Mayor and the Bologna ARI section President Publio Lacchini I4KMW.

11:00 am, Introduction of the first experiment of radio transmission of G.Marconi, conducted by Mrs Barbara Valotti, PhD of the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation.

11:30, Repetition of the first Marconi experiment on the courtyard in front of Villa Griffone, a radio transmission beyond the Celestini hill with a faithful reproduction of the original equipment used by Marconi!

1:00 pm, buffet lunch at Ca’ Vecchia.


2:30 pm, “15 years of DXpeditions: focus on low bands”, with I1HJT of the Italian DXpedition Team.

3:00 pm, “From Superheterodyne to direct sampling, passing through direct conversion and so on…” with I4LEC.

3:30 pm, “Geopolitics and their effect on Dxing”, with IZ8IYX and IZ4AKS, DxCoffee staff.

4:00 pm, a break with the sponsors.

4:30 pm, “FT4JA Juan de Nova 2016 DXpedition”, with F5UFX and F5CWU.

5:15 pm, coffee break.

5:30 pm, “FLEX-6000 Series used in contest: pro and cons of the new technology” with IW7DMH.

6:00 pm, “The story of IR4M…or the nicest hilltop around!”, with IK4MGP.

6:30 pm, “How to bluid an efficient antenna for 630m”, with IK4NMF.

7:00 pm, “K5P 2016: Palmyra DXpedition”, with W0GJ”, brought to you by DXCoffee.

7:45 pm, 2015 Best Communication Award presentation, with DXCoffee.

8:00 pm, 2015 40/80 Contest prizegiving, with Bologna ARI section.

9:00 pm, gala dinner at Ca’ Vecchia

Sunday, October 2


9:30 am, visit of the Marconi museum in Villa Griffone and, for those who wish to do so, visit of the commemorative station IY4FGM, where it will be possible to operate.

11:00 am, visit of the communication and multimedia museum “Mille voci.. mille suoni” (“A thousand voices… a thousand sounds”) in Bologna, aka “Pelagalli museum”.

1:00 pm, lunch

3:00 pm, final visit to the radio telescope “Croce del Nord” (Northern Cross) in Medicina (BO).

The Sunday program may be subject to change.


We will soon inform you of local hotels to spend the night, meals and museums prices and we will implement an online form for bookings.


The DxCoffee staff want to publicly thank the HamRadioWeb friends for the great job they are doing for the Italian DX community with this important event.


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