Many hams expressed satisfaction and interest about the work we do each day, and wanted to witness that by placing our logo on their QSL. We’re grateful for those acknowledgements, and would like to reciprocate this kindness by publishing those cards on our pages. If you want to add your card to those below, please get in touch with the DXCoffee team.

Also report the activation of a special discount for our loyal readers. Typography TopQSL.com, with the special DxCoffee Discount, lowers the cost for all multiple orders. In essence, in the case of multiple order, will not be applied costs for the single quantity, but only a single total cost which will allow, for example, to buy 50 QSL in little more of 6,00 €.



The high-quality prints provide as standard:

– Size 14×9 cm
– Full color front / back
– The front is shiny plastic-coated
– Paper 350 grams

Prepackaged QSL graphics with DxCoffee’s logo are available at TopQSL.com, for further information and quotes you can write an email with the subject ” DxCoffee Discount” to the following email.

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