The comment from the VK0EK team leader about the Best Communication Award

From Bob KK6EK team leader of VK0EK: “On behalf of the VKØEK team, their families, the support groups in California, U. S. East Coast, Cape Town South Africa, and Perth, and Western Australia, about a hundred amateur radio and commercial [...]

DxCoffee and the DXUniversity award VK0EK for “Best Communication” in 2016

In our annual acknowledgment to Dxpeditions providing the “best communication”, the 2016 award could not go to anyone else but VK0EK, the well known Dxpedition to Heard island. (If you are wondering about this annual award, please [...]

2015 Best Communication Award. The special mentions have been assigned

As part of the Best Communication Award, that has been assigned to K1N (see), DxCoffee has also assigned two special mentions to two Dxpeditions that took place in 2015 and stood out as far as communication is concerned. These are TX3X, [...]

Glenn W0GJ to attend the 2016 DxCoffee Party and the 4th HRW Convention

On October 1 and 2, on occasion of the 2016 DxCoffee Party and the 4th HRW Convention, the wonderful Villa Griffone in Sasso Marconi, near Bologna will host the presentation of the 2015 Best Communication Award. As you have already seen, the [...]

DxCoffee meet Best Communication Award in Rome

Fabrizio IU0BMP & Pasquale IZ8IYX in Rome to finalize detail for the Best Communication Award

DxCoffee and the DXUniversity assign the 2015 Best Communication Award to K1N, Navassa

The 2015 Best Communication Award is assigned to K1N, the DxPedition to Navassa, that took place in February 2015. This Dxpedition deserved our recognition for having captived the ham community in the difficult task to activate this very rare [...]

The FT4TA team leader with Special Mentions BCA

Seb F5UFX (Team Leader FT4TA) with Special Mentions – Best Communication Award 2014. See also: Article 2014 Edition  Rules  DX University™ is sponsor  

The Best Communication Award plaque has been delivered to Ralph K0IR for FT5ZM

The Best Communication Award plaque has been delivered to Ralph K0IR for FT5ZM The message by Ralph K0IR (FT5ZM): “It is a great honor for the FT5ZM team to receive this award, and we thank DxCoffee very much for it.  I look forward [...]

Trophies are ready for the 2014 Best Communication Award

Trophies are ready for the 2014 Best Communication Award Article 2014 Edition: Best Communication Award Rules: [...]

The Best Communication Award on Radio Rivista

The Best Communication Award on Radio Rivista – ARI Magazine  (February 2015). Very thanks!  

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