DxCoffee Changes Graphics

Dear friends, once again DXCoffee improves and renews its look to create a better reading experience for our readers. We hope you will enjoy this new layout that should make the whole news-browsing process easier and intuitive. No need to explain [...]

4U1VIC On Air DxCoffee Style

If you hear the callsign 4U1VIC on the air today, we’re pleased to report that there are DxCoffe members and friends behind the microphone.

1A: DX Entity with a 900 Year History

There are some DXCC entities, which, regardless of their position on the “most wanted” list, really get DXers’ blood pumping. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is no doubt one of these. According to “DX Magazine,” it occupies the [...]

MM0RAI Rockall – The Story

MM0RAI/P Rockall EU-189 by Patrick ON4HIL. Our Rockall story takes off during the 2008 IOTA contest. We activated Goeree EU-146 as PB2M and had built ourselves a high power portable contest station. We also had a strong team, but finished only [...]

PH9HB/AM: Amateur Radio from Cloud Nine

Among the operational suffixes that amateur radio is acquainted with, one is quite rare, but probably the most fascinating. We’re talking about /AM, Areonautical Mobile, which basically refers to a station with wings, and this underscores [...]

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