3Y0Z Bouvet Island, UPDATE of the 5 March

5 March 2018 The Team informs DxCoffee readers: The 3YØZ team members are safely home. We have  been home about two weeks now, after 31 days aboard our vessel M/V Betanzos. We have been to Bouvet Island, and as a result, we have [...]

E31A Book, Eritrea DXpedition 2017

E31A – ERITREA DXpedition 2017 26th Anniversary of Eritrean Independence Day by Franz DJ9ZB http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/invited/7061588/3c4545b2014531f0ebbd1bd447d902949de5c07b

E31A & E39DI Eritrea [Photo Album]

E31A & E39DI Eritrea and Dahlak Island AF-038 20 May 2017 Photo Album, credit Champ E21EIC ********************** 10 May 2017   The FGC DX Group DXpedition  will be active from Eritrea 19 to 29 May 2017 [...]

XZ1A Myanmar, QRT!

22 November 2016   The team announcement:   “XZ1A went to QRT at 02.00z on Nov 22, 2016 We made about 12,400 QSOs in 4.5 days. Log will upload to Clublog and LoTW shortly.”   ********************************** 17 November [...]

New book A5A Bhutan 2016

New book A5A Kingdom of Bhutan DXpedition 2016 written by Franz Langner DJ9ZB, now available at link http://www.blurb.de/bookshare/app/index.html?bookId=7375356 …

A5A Bhutan [Photo – Update]

17 September 2016 The pictures for DxCoffee readers by Franz DJ9ZB ******************************************* 15 September 2016 DxCoffee sticker at A5A Bhutan ************************************** 12 September 2016 The [...]

E30FB Eritrea Project 2015 – DxCoffee flag

30 March 2015 The DxCoffee flag in the E30FB shack, TNX to the team   *********************************************** March 2015 The Callsign is E30FB ********************************************* 20 February 2015 Jay JA1TRC informs [...]

A great gift to our editorial staff

Today we have received a very nice gift: a pack of coffee called “Pile-Up Killer” with the DxCoffee logo on it sent by our friend Franz Langner DJ9ZB, well known for his very famous DX World Guide http://www.dxcoffee.com/eng/2012/07/16/dx-world-guide-dj9zb/ [...]

XZ1J Myanmar DXpedition 2013 – UPDATE

March 7, 2014 XZ1J’s QSL Card ready to reply. ***************************** November 17, 2013. XZ1J Team informs DxCoffee: The XZ1J Team members are operating from two Camp Site locations about 300′ apart; CW Camp and SSB Camp.   The [...]

1A0KM SMOM Sovereign Military Order of Malta 2014 -UPDATE-

1A0KM S.M.O.M. Sovereign Military Order of Malta 2014 December 16, 2013 Luciano I0JBL informs DxCoffee: “An international team led by Francesco IK0FVC will activate SMOM 1A0KM from January 2nd to January 7th 2014. At present time operators [...]

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