Talk at the DxCoffee Machine

***We have received this message and we are publishing it in its original form*** Talk At The DxCoffee Machine by Jim Borowski K9TF Here is some things to talk over at the DX Coffee Machine I have received QSL cards with QSOs I have never [...]

DX-ing, Competition and Anti-Social Pileup Behavior It told some of the “story”. Another part of the story is told in the DX Code of Conduct: I see both of these as “Good Operating Practices” or perhaps called “Best [...]


The DXCC is considered the premier award issued by ARRL. Not all ham radio operators are aware of the possibility of achieving QRP DXCC. Such a recognition is issued by ARRL with a parallel award program. This kind of certificate follows some [...]

7O6T: No Sleep, No Rest at 300 QSOs per Hour

It’s been but a couple weeks since the 7O6T final announcment, and DXCoffee proudly brings its readers a comprehensive, all-inclusive interview with team leader Dimitri Zhikharev, RA9USU.

7O6T and 6O0CW: All Things Considered

As the words of this story take form on your computer’s monitor, the teams of 7O6T (Socotra Island, Yemen) and 6O0CW (Galkayo, Somalia) have already landed home. That’s why what we’re discussing here is most appropriate – [...]

The Pacific Ocean – N7OU’s Ham Radio Home

There are hams without a radio station in their homes, who are active only from portable stations, in shacks for rent or doing DXpeditions. Such cases are normally a consequence of poor radio conditions in the domestic area (maybe due to heavy [...]

F/IZ2RLJ, F/IK1RGI – Another Ham Radio High: Operating from Mt Blanc at 15,771 Feet

A “field-day” that, rather than on the ground, will be taking place on ice. The daunting idea caught Elio (IZ2RLJ) and Max (IK1RGI), who have planned for Saturday, March 31st (or 14th April, in case of bad weather or decided otherwise by [...]

A project for the furthering of DXpeditioning from the land of “DX hunters”

Imagine a city of two million four hundred thousand inhabitants in which reside twenty individuals on the DXCC “Honor Roll.” One for every one hundred twenty thousand inhabitants. Having done two calculations respective of the numbers [...]

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