The EP2A team leader with Special Mentions BCA

Kaspars Petersons YL2GM (Team Leader EP2A) with Special Mentions – Best Communication Award 2016. See also: Article 2016 Edition Rules DX University™ is sponsor        

Best Communication Award: special mentions

         Here is the second part of our acknowledgements of the Dxpeditions with the best “communication” during the year 2016. Now it is time for the special mentions, since the proper award has been given [...]

EP2A status update

Yuris YL2GM informs DxCoffee readers: “Hello dear radio friends! I write to give you a small update about EP2A status. All after operation documentation has been submitted to ARRL and EP2A officially has been approved as DXCC. Currently we [...]

EP2A Diary final

News from EP2A (Diary final post)  * Yuris YL2GM Its Tuesday morning April 26th, the last qso was made at 09:45 and it’s time to start packing gear and antennas. Planned time to leave for Tehran (14:00) comes in a blink of an eye and by [...]

EP2A Iran [Photo album, Update 21 Apr.]

21 April 2016 ************************************ 19 April 2016 We receive and publish, thanks to the team. ********************************* 21 March 2016 Yuris YL2GM, Valery YL3CW, Jack YL2KA, Dmitry UT7UJ, Oleg US7UX, Sasha [...]

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