IB0 Ponza island EU-045

Vanni IK4RUX informs DxCoffee Readers: “From 23 to 28 May 2018 an ARI team from Modena and Carpi will be on air from Ponza Island (Pontine Archipelago, IIA R001, WLOTA 1395, WAIP LT-001) as IB0/IK4ALM, Alessandro, IB0/IK4RQJ, Augusto, [...]

IB0C Ventotene & Santo Stefano Islands EU-045

Aurelio IZ8EGM informs DxCoffee Readers: “IB0C Ventotene and Santo Stefano Islands, IOTA EU-045 from 22/09/2017 to 24/09/2017 CW/SSB/DIGITAL 80m to 2m Team, IZ8EGM Aurelio and IK0JAY Pasquale IIA AWARD references R011 and [...]

IB0X Ponza Island EU-045

Tony IZ2ESV informs DxCoffee readers: “Dear friends, the NoLogo Independent DXers Team will be active from Ponza Island, IOTA EU-045, 20 to 24 Aprile 2016 as IB0X. The team: Ivano I2RFJ, Antonello IK2DUW, Claudio IK3HAR, Alberto IV3BSY, [...]

[UPDATE]: IB0/IZ0CKJ Island of Palmarola EU-045

[UPDATE]: By Francesco IZ7KHR: I made a little while ago QSO on 40m with Alessio, I reported the assignment of new IIA references  R044 for Galere di Fuori and R043 for Piatti di Fuori, and he told me that on Palmarola can not have cellular [...]

IB0/IZ8NWA EU-045 Photo Story and QSL Card with DxCoffee logo

Francesco IZ8NWA was active from Ventontene Island, IOTA EU-045 refence, as IB0/IZ8NWA. We publish some photos of the adventure of Francesco. TNX Francesco by DxCoffee Staff. See also: http://www.dxcoffee.com/eng/2014/07/07/ib0iz8nwa-ventotene-island-eu-045/

IB0/IZ8NWA Ventotene Island EU-045

Francesco IZ8NWA informs DxCoffee Readers: “I will be active from Ventotene Island, IOTA EU-045 and lighhouse WAIL LA-005 – ARLHS ITA 172, as IB0/IZ8NWA. Starting 13 July 2014 until 20 July 2014. QSL via homecall.” 73 de Francesco [...]

IB0/IZ0UIM – Ventotene Island

Alessio will be operating as IB0/IZ0UIM from Ventotene Island (IOTA EU-045) starting tomorrow 15/06/2012 in the afternoon and continuing until 19/06/2012.

IB0F – Ponza EU-045 On Air During IOTA-Contest 2012

A small team of operators is going to join the 2012 RSGB IOTA Contest from Ponza Island, IOTA EU045, July 28-29, 2012. The team is composed of IZ0EGC, Carlo;  IZ0GZW, Giuseppe;  IW0BTN, Gianni;  IZ8FAV, Giorgio;  IK8ENU, Gianni;  IK8TEO, [...]

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