CIA documents about Ham radio declassified online

CIA reports about amateur (ham) radio in the former Soviet Union (including the Baltic States) and Warsaw Pact member countries have been declassified to a new online search engine. The website is: The [...]

New Zealand Earthquake!!!

“A strong 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck the South Island of New Zealand at 1103UTC 13 November ( just after Midnight local time ) causing damage and local tsunami alerts, mainly for the East coast of the country. The local emergency [...]

3 May – World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in December 1993, following the recommendation of UNESCO’s General Conference. Since then, 3 May, the anniversary of the Declaration of Windhoek is celebrated worldwide [...]

Morse Intercom, the android app for communicate in Morse code

Morse Intercom is a free application for the Android operating system developed and implemented by Graham Jolley, a new and recently application for all enthusiast of Morse code. This program allows you to communicate in Morse code with all [...]

International Year of Light IYL2015 Award

We receive and publish Claudio IK8LVL informs DxCoffee readers: A.R.I. Associazione Radioamatori Italiani  Sezione di Napoli “Alfonso Rosa Rosa” – Sezione di Roma  “Giuseppe Palumbo” Sezione di Torino “Giovanni Mikelli” [...]

Burger King & Ham Radio Spot

Burger King & Ham Radio Spot “The Burger King BurgerFest is so big, it’s out of this world! A Burger King associate uses a ham radio to communicate with space people. However, her manager doesn’t seem to think they eat [...]

DxCoffee: 4.000 Likes on Facebook!

The DxCoffee Facebook page has reached the goal of 4,000 users who follow us daily and interact with us through their “likes”, comments and “shares”!!! Thanks to everyone for your friendship and affection !!! Please keep [...]

9H5G/C6A Bahamas IOTA NA-001

John, KK4OYJ is an itinerant Hamradio operator that is currently active from Bahamas IOTA NA-001 with the callsign 9H5G/C6A. John is very active in Twitter as well as on the bands and he often posts the information on when and where he will [...]

ZS9MADIBA Nelson Mandela Commemoration Station -UPDATE-

The South African Radio League (SARL)   The National Association for Amateur Radio in South Africa   Nelson Mandela Commemoration Station December 12, 2013 Dennis, ZS4BS informs DxCoffee readers: ZS9MADIBA – Special call sign [...]

Радио-такси прослушивания

Just about everybody in the OM and SWL community has heard them at least once at one point or another. We’re talking about the radio taxis (communication between driver and dispatch) of the former Soviet Union, active on the upper end of the [...]

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