March 2017: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

The solar activity in March should be at very low levels, with the possibility of Flare Class C during the month. Therefore are expected quiet Solar. Propagation in line with the low solar activity with interesting openings due to Equinox.

February 2017: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

Solar activity is quite low, in line with the sunspots number decrease. The geomagnetic activity should be unstable due to sudden rises of the solar wind, which can cause temporary elevations of ionosphere ionization. In any case, the propagation [...]

November 2016: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

Solar activity in October was low but characterized by different CME. The Earth’s magnetic field has responded with some storms, typical of the descending part of the Solar Cycle. The propagation of November will be quite in line with [...]

September 2016: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

Solar activity is expected to be at low levels throughout September. The Solar Cycle is penetrating slowly in its minimum, so you can not expect special events except sporadic CME. So overall discrete propagation condition, good on low bands. 73 [...]

August 2016: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

Solar activity continues to fall and several coronal emissions (CME) occur on the Sun, typical of the descending periods of the solar cycles. The activity has reached high levels and the geomagnetic field has reached minor storm levels. August [...]

July 2016: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

Solar activity is expected to be very low throughout July. The geomagnetic field is expected fairly stable, so there will not be any surprise. The solar cycle confirms its slow descent, so the propagation will be quite low. 73 Fabio, iK0IXI “Semper [...]

June 2016: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

The sunspots number is always in decline this month, confirming that solar activity continues to fall. Solar activity is expected to be at very low levels with possible class C flares throughout the month of June. Unstable conditions are expected [...]

May 2016: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

Solar activity in May will be rather low, so the geomagnetic field should be quiet. Possible typical events of the downward phase of the Solar cycle. Discrete HF propagation, with first episodes of the Sporadic-E season later this month.  

April 2016: Ionospheric Propagation Predictions

All the indicators are lower than the last week of March. The low geomagnetic indices are generally considered a good thing for HF propagation. Even though our Sun is quiet, the HF propagation will still be good for the month of April.      

II0CR, 5th CCAE Anniversary

Fabio IK0IXI informs the Ham Community that starting from Dicember 1 2015 up to January 31 2016, the special call II0CR will operate while the saturday’s weekly NET at 11:00am local time on 7.165 kHz, to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of [...]

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