DxCoffee and the DXUniversity award VK0EK for “Best Communication” in 2016

In our annual acknowledgment to Dxpeditions providing the “best communication”, the 2016 award could not go to anyone else but VK0EK, the well known Dxpedition to Heard island. (If you are wondering about this annual award, please [...]

The 4th HamRadioWeb Convention and the DxCoffee Party have started

The 4th HamRadioWeb Convention and the DxCoffee Party have started A big event with the current best Dxpeditioners attending, all made possible through the work of two big Italian institutions such as HamRadioWeb and DxCoffee. Here are the real [...]

DxCoffee meet Best Communication Award in Rome

Fabrizio IU0BMP & Pasquale IZ8IYX in Rome to finalize detail for the Best Communication Award

ID8/IQ8HP Godano Rock EU-144 [Postponed]

2 June 2016 ID8/IQ8HP Godano Rock EU-144 [Postponed] Adverse weather conditions, the activity is postponed.   *********************************** 25 May 2016 Calabria DX Team and ARI Vibo Valentia,will be at Godano Rock (IOTA EU-144) on [...]

Madrid, Proyecto4 & DxCoffee

Pasquale IZ8IYX (Chief Editor of DxCoffee), Alfonso EA4ATA (Boss of Proyecto4) and David EC4JD (Proyecto4) in Madrid at work on new projects. Stay Tuned…

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016

Since 2009, we are here once again to send you and your families our wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We would like to thank those who follow us daily, our sponsors who support us in this ardous path, the Dx teams and Dxpeditioners [...]

IZ8IYX/mm Mediterranean sea

Pasquale IZ8IYX is currently aboard a cruise ship; during his trip, he will approach some Mediterranean countries, until December 9, 2015 as IZ8IYX/mm. Of course he will be active Holiday Style. QSL via home call.

“It Takes Two to Tango”, NCDXF Announces Publication of Martti Laine OH2BH

  The Northern California DX Foundation, with a press release of today, promotes an interesting publication entitled “It takes two to tango – Working Europe from the Rare Ones Can Be Difficult” aimed at the international [...]

ID8/IQ8HP Mantineo Rock EU-144 [Photo, LOG Online & Video Story]

27 October 2015 Final Video!!! ***************************************** 6 June 2015 On 2 June (only 4 hours) the team activated Mantineo Rock Team: IZ8IYX, IK8YFU, IZ8ESX and IZ8BAD Total QSO’s 415 20 Mt: QSO’s 235 and 34 Country 40 [...]

DxCoffee meet OH2BH in Rome

“We have met one of the legends of worldwide Dxing. We have spent a nice day with this Dxer of one thousand adventures, the man that we are used to hear from the most remote parts of the earth”. With these words our chief editor, [...]

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