3Y0Z Bouvet Island, UPDATE of the 5 March

5 March 2018 The Team informs DxCoffee readers: The 3YØZ team members are safely home. We have  been home about two weeks now, after 31 days aboard our vessel M/V Betanzos. We have been to Bouvet Island, and as a result, we have [...]

John Miller K6MM new NCDXF President

Glenn Johnson WØGJ informs DxCoffee readers: 27 April 2017 NCDXF Press Release New NCDXF President:  K6MM At the 2017 Annual Board Meeting of the Northern California DX Foundation this past weekend at the Visalia International DX Convention, [...]

VP8STI & VP8SGI South Sandwich Isl. & South Georgia Isl. [Update, February 24]

VP8STI & VP8SGI South Sandwich Isl. & South Georgia Isl. February 24, 2016 David R. Collingham-K3LP and Paul S. Ewing-N6PSE informs DxCoffee readers: “Dear DX Community:  We are happy to inform you that all of the [...]

K5P Palmyra 2016 [26 January, Photo & Update]

26 January 2016, 0800UTC Photo Album ********************************************** 25 January 2016, 2300UTC “Today from 0100 to 0500 UTC we’ll be looking for ATNO contacts = anyone who has NOT yet worked K5P…we’ll [...]

Intrepid-DX Group news from Paul N6PSE

Intrepid-DX Group news, Paul N6PSE informs DxCoffee Readers: October 6th, 2015. The Board of Directors of the Intrepid-DX Group is pleased to announce that we have received Internal Revenue Service classification as an exempt public charity [...]

The DxCoffee Flag at K1N Navassa Island

8 March 2015 The DxCoffee Flag at K1N Navassa Island   ************************************************ 15 February 2015 @1500Z K1N went QRT at 1130Z Sunday, February 15th. The last helicopter flight left the island at 1500Z with the [...]

The future of DXpeditions…

The future of DXpeditions… by Paul N6PSE I recently read a blog post on DX Coffee by Rich-KY6R about the future of DXpeditions. Rich’s entry raised many more questions than answers. I’ll try to weigh in on this subject and answer from [...]

FT5ZM, Amsterdam Island

February 12, 2014 With almost 165,000 QSOs, FT5ZM is now QRT. The team thank all who worked them Photo courtesy  of taaf.fr *************************************** February 2, 2014 RTTY operations Earlier today, Ralph K0IR, started RTTY [...]

The Press Release of FT5ZM Amsterdam Island

The Press Release of  Ralph Fedor K0IR – April 3, 2013 “I am pleased to announce a major DXpedition scheduled to occur during January and February of 2014. An international team of 14 experienced DXpedition operators, led by K0IR, [...]

KH9 – Wake Island DXpedition 2013

Great news for all DXers! After the refusal by USAF to the Intrepid DX Group for a DXpedition to Wake Island in 2012, it seemed that there were no other possibility in the future for this remote Pacific atoll.   Instead a new large DXpedition [...]

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