VK0EK is not in risk!

Rick KY6R informs DxCoffee Readers: “VK0EK is NOT in risk. Big Ben erupts often – this is a totally normal event. The fact that the weather was clear enough for a research vessel to film it is what is rare. We are one month away from [...]

Dayton Hamvention® 2015 [Photo Album]

Dayton Hamvention ® – Ohio continuously updated, send your photos to info@dxcoffee.com Photo credit: ARRL, WY7YL, DX Engineering, HamRadioShop, K9PG, HK1NA, KY6R, Scott Macgrego, VA3XPR, SM0SHG, KA3MTT, KE9V,  DF1QR, Dennis Walter, Kelly [...]

The ARRL DXCC Program and Rules Changes

After reading many posts on DX-er opinions on the DXCC Program and its rules, and then also talking to several members of the DXAC and even the fine folk in Newington, this is how I view the ARRL DXCC Program Rules. Don’t get me wrong, this [...]

Kingman Reef Photo Analysis (2000 vs 2013)

  Thanks to Garry, NI6T – who provided me the above photo, taken during the K5K DX-pedition in 2000. Garry said that it was taken when the tent was 6′ above the water line. He said that the dark area is what remained above water at [...]

KH5K Kingman Reef Status

Steven Chew – who was on Kingman Reef one year ago – sent me these photos and status on the reef . . . . this was the best low tide shot he had. Looks pretty good, eh? Here is the other low tide shot. Still looks pretty good. But then [...]

VK0EK, New Radio Team Leaders Announced

From VK0EK Blog [TNX to Rich KY6R] “We are pleased to announce that we have made an informal agreement with Wayne Mills N7NG and Martti Laine OH2BH to lead the Heard Island radio team.  They will have complete authority and responsibility [...]

The future of DXpeditions…

The future of DXpeditions… by Paul N6PSE I recently read a blog post on DX Coffee by Rich-KY6R about the future of DXpeditions. Rich’s entry raised many more questions than answers. I’ll try to weigh in on this subject and answer from [...]

TX5K Best Communication Award 2013 by K6YR

From Rich Holoch KY6R Blog http://ky6r.wordpress.com/ “Today I received a Ham Radio DXing award from the DX Coffee Publication – http://www.dxcoffee.com/eng/ –  and it is beautiful: It is called the “Best Communication Award”, [...]

VK0EK: “Radio Team is being reorganized”

“During the stay on Heard Island, we will carry out a full-service all-band, all-mode amateur radio operation using the callsign VKØEK. We expect to log as many as 150,000 individual contacts, operating from two sites: Atlas Cove and [...]

DX-ing, Competition and Anti-Social Pileup Behavior

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svLlfrFA-1E It told some of the “story”. Another part of the story is told in the DX Code of Conduct: http://www.dx-code.org/ I see both of these as “Good Operating Practices” or perhaps called “Best [...]

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