YW5RYL Los Roques Island SA-035 YL Expedition – Update/Video/Photo

26 September 2014   *************************************************** 20 September 2014 ********************************************************* 18 september 2014 YW5RYL Los Roques Island IOTA SA-035 YL Expedition 2014 Date 18 – [...]

YW5RYL – Los Roques Island IOTA SA-035 YL Expedition – UPDATE

30 October 2013 YW5RYL IOTA SA-035 november 7 to 10 2013. Tutte le bande in SSB, CW e modi digitali!   *************************************** 24 luglio 2013 YW5RYL video presentation of YL Expedition from Los Roques Island, IOTA SA-035, [...]

UA9YAB Dies During DXpedition (AID REQUEST UPDATE)

Yuri Sushkin N3QQ and Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA issue the following: “Our colleague, Alex UA9YAB (50) who you may have worked very recently as YV7 and YV5/UA9YAB died during expedition. Cause of death is possibly a bite by poisonous jellyfish. [...]

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