EH/IZ2DPX and LY/IZ2DPX QSL Card whit DxCoffee logo! Thanks to Giovanni IZ2DPX.

YV4ET/1 Cayo Sombrero QSL Card

Hi DxCoffee Readers, QSL Cards Ready with DxCoffee Logo  Cayo Sombrero DXpedition SA-089 73 & Good DX´S YV4ET Juan Carlos Fridegotto

IB0X QSL Card with DxCoffee logo

The very nice IB0X QSL Card, from Ponza Island (IOTA EU-045) with DxCoffee logo. TNX to the team by DxCoffee staff. QSL manager IZ2ESV See also:

S79DPX Seychelles AF-024 [QSL Card]

10 September 2015 Very nice QSL Card with DxCoffee logo! *************************************************************** 19 August 2015 **************************************** 8 June 2015 Giovanni IZ2DPX informs DxCoffee Readers: “The [...]

1A0C Soverign Military Order of Malta QSL Card

1A0C Soverign Military Order of Malta QSL Card

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