EP2A status update

Yuris YL2GM informs DxCoffee readers: “Hello dear radio friends! I write to give you a small update about EP2A status. All after operation documentation has been submitted to ARRL and EP2A officially has been approved as DXCC. https://twitter.com/arrl/status/738820377569300480 Currently we [...]

VK0EK QSL Preview!

QSL Info: https://vk0ek.org/2016/05/14/vk0ek-qsl-preview/

EA8/HB9OAU QSL & Story

Very beautiful holiday in Tenerife! The room I had chosen turned out to be suitable in order to install the antenna on the roof. This also allowed me to get on the roof easily with the outer staircase, to change the band. I am very pleased [...]

DK7FM QSL Card with DxCoffee logo

DK7FM QSL Card with DxCoffee logo, thanks Sinan! “Ex DO4DB is having a new call with „the full“ A-Licence finnaly. So, new QSLs arrived, of course with the DXC logo on it 🙂 “ Sinan 73!  

Italian postal rates change

From December 1, 2014 the Italian postal rates change. We are used to such increases, but certainly the situation is becoming more critical for those who usually exchanges QSL via direct. Let’s see the new rates, considering an envelope [...]

Talk at the DxCoffee Machine

***We have received this message and we are publishing it in its original form*** Talk At The DxCoffee Machine by Jim Borowski K9TF Here is some things to talk over at the DX Coffee Machine I have received QSL cards with QSOs I have never [...]

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