The comment from the VK0EK team leader about the Best Communication Award

From Bob KK6EK team leader of VK0EK: “On behalf of the VKØEK team, their families, the support groups in California, U. S. East Coast, Cape Town South Africa, and Perth, and Western Australia, about a hundred amateur radio and commercial [...]

DxCoffee and the DXUniversity award VK0EK for “Best Communication” in 2016

In our annual acknowledgment to Dxpeditions providing the “best communication”, the 2016 award could not go to anyone else but VK0EK, the well known Dxpedition to Heard island. (If you are wondering about this annual award, please [...]

VK0EK, numbers and activities…

Bob VK0EK informs DxCoffee reaaders: RADIO OPERATIONS /MM operations (more than 10k QSOs in 24 days/1 station = 417 QSO/station-day)) VK0EK activation of Heard Island (75k in 20 days/4 stations avg = 937 QSO/station-day) DXA operation (70k unique [...]

VK0EK Heard Island 2016 Expedition, film by Vadym Ivliev UT6UD


VK0EK QSL Preview!

QSL Info:

VK0EK is Now QRT, Update 11 April, 0100z

11  April 2016, 01007z from VK0EK Web Site: VK0EK is Now QRT   First “Quick” Statistics: 75, 344 QSO’s / 28% Uniques (similar to K5P but different continent dist.) DXA received @400K views with 70K unique hams viewing during [...]

VK0EK Slim Alert!

“Until you read that they are QRV on this web site – it is a SLIM! Please don’t waste your time.” from VK0EK web site

VK0EK Track Summary [March 21 1634UTC]

March 21th 1634UTC By clicking, you can follow the progress of the VK0EK’s team, that left Cape Town on March 10 aboard the Braveheart. Distance Traveled 1262.99 mi Average Speed 11.73 mph Trip Time 4.11:40:45 Max [...]

VK0EK Track Summary [March 17th 0953UTC]

March 17th 0953UTC By clicking, you can follow the progress of the VK0EK’s team, that left Cape Town on March 10 aboard the Braveheart. The island with a rough edged coastline, that you see eastward of the [...]

VK0EK is not in risk!

Rick KY6R informs DxCoffee Readers: “VK0EK is NOT in risk. Big Ben erupts often – this is a totally normal event. The fact that the weather was clear enough for a research vessel to film it is what is rare. We are one month away from [...]

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