7O6T: No Sleep, No Rest at 300 QSOs per Hour

It’s been but a couple weeks since the 7O6T final announcment, and DXCoffee proudly brings its readers a comprehensive, all-inclusive interview with team leader Dimitri Zhikharev, RA9USU.

7O6T and 6O0CW: All Things Considered

As the words of this story take form on your computer’s monitor, the teams of 7O6T (Socotra Island, Yemen) and 6O0CW (Galkayo, Somalia) have already landed home. That’s why what we’re discussing here is most appropriate – [...]

7O6T – The Final Announcement

Here the message received by team leaders: 7O6T – Socotra Island DX-pedition April 30 thru May 15, 2012 By Dmitry (RA9USU; Leader), Igor (RA3AUU; Co-Leader) and David (K3LP; Co- Leader)

Next weekend: ARI International DX Contest

This year the ARI International DX Contest will take place on May 5th and 6th. A few changes have been introduced, the most significant being the time of operation.

7O6 – Socotra Island (Yemen)

[UPDATE]: We received the following message from David K3LP: The 7O6T granted license will be valid from April 30, 2012, 2100 GMT thru May 15, 2012, 2100 GMT. The Dream Team consists of: RA9USU (Dmitri; Leader), RA3AUU (Igor; Co-Leader), [...]

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