ZA90IARU, ZA1WW Albania & Z60A, Z60WW Kosovo

Wayne N7NG informs DxCoffee readers: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pristina, Kosovo ANOTHER ACTIVATION FROM THE BALKANS  — ALBANIA AND KOSOVO Combining the interests of two countries with the same origin, language, religion and culture, an international group [...]

ZA/OU2I Albania [Photo – Album]

8 June 2015 The ZA/OU2I Photo Album, thanks to Henning OZ1BII by DxCoffee Staff. more information:   *********************************** 20 May 2015 Henning OZ1BII informs DxCoffee Readers: “Hi I [...]

Once I had a dream – as we all did

Once I had a dream – as we all did by Martti Laine, OH2BH Back in those other years, Albania (ZA) was growing in rarity, and at one time it was  the most wanted DXCC country in the world. Travel was restricted and obtaining a license seemed [...]

ZA20QA – Albania

To remember two friends who disappeared, HA0NNN (Jani) and HA0MM (Gyoza),carried out a famous DXpedition in Albania in 1991 with the call ZA1QA.

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