OQRS now active!

Posted by IZ7KHR - 17 agosto 2011 - Blog - 9 Comments

The Online Qsl Request System is active by now!

You could search your call on our log online and then proceed with the request of the QSL. You can request QSL via direct, paying directly via paypal, and also via bureau.

Enjoy it!  QSL cards will be sent  by September.


  • Mark Weiss scrive:

    Thank you

  • Roger scrive:

    I just tried the OQRS. After I entered my call and was told I had worked the station on 20 and 17M, I could not get past the CONFIRM QSO DETAILS. The screen just came back with a big, blank area below the heading.

    Great Dxpedition!

    Roger W5RDW

  • Jerry N8BM scrive:

    Same problem as W5RDW. Just a blank screen after selecting CONFIRM QSO DETAILS.

    • IZ7KHR scrive:

      The oqrs system is provided by clublog, so there are some problems due to
      many traffic in this moment. The best suggestion is to retry. Or if you
      have others problems, send 5$ via paypal to this address
      (qsl_request@dxcoffee.com) and send an email with the details of QSOs.

      Francesco IZ7KHR – Manager TY1KS.

  • Alex ushakov scrive:

    Thank you,nice DXpedition !!!

  • Paul scrive:

    I see you have uploaded some QSO to LOTW, when will the rest of them be uploaded ?
    73, tnx for a good dxpedition

  • Mar OQ3R scrive:

    Promises were made as to send the OQRS answers till end of September. In couple of days there will be 1st October – and no any signs of those cards. What hapens ? Maybe we must understand … September 2012 ???

    Best regards and 73 !

    • IZ7KHR scrive:

      Hi Mar.
      Sorry for the delay. This week all foreign QSLs will be shipped. There was a delay of one month circa in the print of the QSLs.
      So be patient, your QSL with many others will be on the way very soon!

      73. Francesco IZ7KHR – TY1KS QSL Manager.

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